Lost Smiles

Shiro has an emptiness in his heart that he has been living with for 8 years now. If only he had known just one more rule of the demon world; Don't Touch Flowers.


3. A New Arrival

I lifted my dream-filled, heavy head off of the pillows of my bed as a thin slither of morning light creepy up the sheets. I rolled over and placed my feet on the hard wooden floor, taking my time to pull on the shirt and trousers that were lain out for me at the foot of the bed. The bed creaked slightly as I transferred my weight onto the floor before walking quietly out of the door and down the stairs. The halls were full of servants now. They were dusting and polishing, washing floors and oiling hinges. "What is happening?" I asked one of the maids who bustled past me with arms full of dusters. She looked up at me with a pair of empty black eyes and replied "We are expecting a visitor from the human world m'lord." before walking off to continue with her duties. I frowned and walked through the main hall and into the dining-room. It wasn't often that father sent a visitor to the mansion. Especially a human. "Ah, so the so called 'lord' has finally arrived." I looked around the room and spotted a tall, slim man standing by the window. He had long silvery blonde hair that was plaited down to his waist. He wore a fitted pin-striped suit with a lilac shirt. "I was un-aware that I should be expecting a guest." I explained, taking a seat at the dining table before gesturing for him to do the same. As he sat down facing me I noticed his dark purple eyes. He smiled and pushed the bowl of porridge and honey away as it appeared in front of him. "I've come to  take you to meet someone in the human world." 

I stared at the visitor intently for a few seconds before standing up and offering my hand for him to shake. "I don't believe we've met before." I explained, making it clear with my tone that I wasn't about to follow a stranger up to the human world. "Forgive me, I expected you to remember me from when you were a small child." he replied calmly, turning in his seat to face me as i walked over to the window and gazed out at my gardens. "My name is Jack, I am an old friend of your parents. because of my permanent situation in the human world, they put it upon me to take you down when your teachers saw it fit to do so. And the time has arrived Shiro. I can call you Shiro?" I nodded in approval before turning away from the window and staring into his dark purple eyes as they shone with life and expectation. "Who are you taking me to meet exactly?" I asked him as he arose and stood beside me. His skin was remarkably tanned for a demon, and his face was defined and handsome. "A young girl around your age has requested an audience with you. And she refuses to return to the demon-realm until we prove to her that you are who we say." he replied to me slowly, he picked up a piece of silver-wear from the table and turned it in his thin hands. "Why is it so important she returns? If it makes her happy, let her stay." I told him simply. "If I could, I would. But unfortunately, she possess powers that are turning more dangerous and unpredictable as she grows up. And I have to make safety my top priority." I sighed and looked out at the dead gardens outside. Maybe a trip to the human world would be a nice change. I could clear my head and properly think about the situation with Ariette. "Fine, let's go." I told Jack. He smiled warmly and held my wrist before evaporating us both into a red mist.


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