Lost Smiles

Shiro has an emptiness in his heart that he has been living with for 8 years now. If only he had known just one more rule of the demon world; Don't Touch Flowers.


1. A Memory


Flowers... I always loved flowers. Especially white roses. The pure, untouched beauty of a white rose is simply unbeatable. I grew up in a house where flowers were never grown. Where nothing so beautiful could be grown. Until I was 18, I had only smelt the silky, relaxing aroma they release into the world once. My pale fingers had only brushed their flawless petals for a second; and then I was taken away. That was the day I was taught a lesson I will never accept: Demons can’t touch flowers.

“Do you love me Shiro?” the girl asked me. She had tight black ringlets that curled around her face like starfishes clinging to a rock. “Of course not.” I replied back. She was sitting very close to me. I could smell the sickly sweet perfume she was wearing far too much of as it burned my nostrils. “Will you ever love me?” she asked again, unfazed by my reply. She didn’t even flutter the painted eyelashes that protected her sky blue eyes. “No.” I said simply, standing up and walking away from the garden chairs in which we were sat.  “You’re still thinking about her aren’t you Shiro...” she accused me. Standing up and allowing her dark blue dress to be gently blown by the breeze that carried the scent of her perfume around the garden. I did not reply, but walked over to the hedge rows and stared longingly into the dull green foliage. Remembering the night I had met her. The night of my 11th birthday; the night I met Hannah. Hannah was a half-demon. She was the daughter of one of my father’s business partners from a scandalous affair with a human female. I could remember quite vividly her shimmering white hair, her sparkling black eyes, and her beautiful smile. Hannah had been 7 at the time of my birthday party, and was still naive towards the ways of the demon world. She had run towards me with such glee and shouted a merry “Happy Birthday!” whilst handing me a beautiful bouquet. It was also the first time I had ever caught so much as glimpse of white roses. “Hannah likes these ones.” She had explained, pointing at the white flower and smiling innocently. “Want to know why?” she had asked when I remained silent “Because they remind Hannah of Hannah!” she giggled, her hair shimmering in the sunlight. “Why’s that?” I had asked coldly, staring at her now as she thought hard for words to explain herself to me. “Because they are rare, and some people think they are dangerous...” she muttered, her smile fading. I looked shocked and put the bouquet down before looking at her. “I...I think you should have said because they smell sweet, and look really pretty!” I had burst out, avoiding her eye contact and feeling my pale skin blush a light pink; she looked so distant when her smile faded. “Do you really think that?” I had heard her ask curiously. I remember nodding and looking back up at her. “I think you’re even prettier than the flowers....” I had muttered abashedly. The next thing I knew her lips were brushing against my cheek, and she was gone. I looked down at the bouquet and smiled. I decided I would keep the flowers forever. Not knowing that as soon as I reached out to brush the petals, they would crumble into dust; Plain ugly dust.

Back in the present day, the girl with tight black curls and sky blue eyes seemed to be tiring of my absence of thought. "Shiro, why are you so obsessed with such plain flowers?" she asked, her sickly sweet voice barely masking her obvious annoyance. "They aren't plain Ariettte." I told her firmly, glancing at the empty rose-arch in the middle of the garden, "Well, why not pick a flower that will actually grow in our world?" she suggested, plucking a dandelion from the mossy green grass beside me and tucking it into my lapel. "Because they aren't flowers Ariette. They are weeds." I scowled, discarding the dandelion and taking another out of her hair. "So what about our engagement Shiro?" she asked me, boring of her previous subject and moving on as she always did. "What about it? Our parents arranged for you to marry into my family. There is nothing to be discussed." I told her, walking away and leaving her in the middle of the late-afternoon sun. Ariette always assumed taking me to the garden would be romantic and make me fall in love with her as so many had before. But I had hated my garden ever since Hannah left. It always seemed dark and dead. The grass never seemed green, and the plants were all ugly. I un-fastened my collar and swept upstairs as I saw my fiancee evaporate into a fog of black mist through the window of the family mansion. Both my parents had left me here alone with all but a few servants and teachers to cater to my every need. I found the mansion adequate for my living arrangements. It had 3 floors, not including the basement of tower, and was one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in the whole of the Demon-realm. I opened my bedroom door and threw my tail-coat onto the scarlet sheeted bed. "When do I feed next?" I asked the butler who then picked up the coat and hung it in my wardrobe. He was quite aged, and disapproved of my feeding methods in comparison to previous generations. "The young lady will be arriving tonight for your monthly supply m'lord." He answered formidably. I smiled and nodded my approval as he exited the room and left me alone. I walked over to the balcony doors and threw them open as a pair of black-feathered wings sprouted from my shoulder blades. "I'm going out for a while." I called out to whoever the nearest servant was before jumping off the balcony and allowing myself to soar though the sky.

When I arrived, the sun had set and the moon was but a thin red arch in the sky. "You're later than I expected." a woman's voice emitted from my bathroom. I smiled and allowed my wings to disappear back into my back. "On the contrary Victoria, you have arrived earlier than I was told. But never-mind. Shall we begin?" I sat back on my bed and removed the shirt I had been wearing. My wings had torn two holes in the back upon their growth, so I burnt it to ashes in my hand as Victoria appeared from the bathroom. She wore a silky black robe and her dark red hair pinned-up off of her neck. "You used to be so nervous about this..." she smiled as she sat on my lap and allowed my to feed from her blood using my fangs. "I didn't used to understand the need of a fresh supply of blood either, but I learn and adapt." I explained to her as she smiled at me with her scarlet lips. "You used to be so tender and kind about it too. You would insist on 'earning' the blood first." she added with a sigh. I stared at her for a second before picking her up and laying her on her back. I ran a finger up her thigh and rested my hand on her waist. "It's a shame you won't be needing me after you are wed." she sighed, sitting up and kissing my nearly white skin with her tender lips before fastening her robe again and standing up to be escorted out of the mansion by the servant waiting outside the door. "Pleasure doing business with you Lord Evans." she called out as she exited through the vast oak door, I sat on my bed and thought about it. She was right, I wouldn't need to take a monthly supply of blood if I married Ariette. Having a pure-demon wife such as her would purify my blood and cure me of the curse that gave me such a hunger for blood. I would be free, but trapped in Ariette's embrace for the rest of my life. 



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