Free Falling

Kaylee leads an awful life. The tides turn for her when she meets Amelia. She is the best friend Kaylee never had. But when Amelia's life goes haywire she turns to anyone for the blame and Kaylee's life gets a lot harder. Amelia spirals out of control and her last hope is Kaylee. But how can Kaylee help when she's taking the blame for something she hasn't got anything to do with?

This is my entry for the bullying competition......... hope you like it!


2. Amelia- Tears

I had known something was wrong last night when the tension was way thicker than usual. I just didn't expect the bombshell that was dumped on me. 

"Come on, Mia." Kaylee encourages. "You have to come out eventually."

I almost laugh at how ironic it is. Me not coming out of the bathroom stall, and Kaylee trying to get me to come out. A few years ago, it was me the other end trying to get Kaylee out of the bathroom. Well I almost laugh anyway. Then I remember my parents' divorce and burst out into another volley of sobs.


"Mia," She raps gently on the door again. "Do I have to call Gemma out of P.E.?"

"Go AWAY Kaylee," I bite out. "Can't you get your skank smelling bum out of this bathroom before I throw up? I don't need your help do you hear? You run home to your Mummy and get her to slap your butt for you! You gonna bring her her "daily alcohol"? It's disgusting! You're disgusting!" I almost yell the last bit.

I hear a silence, and then a sob. Then the squeak of the bathroom door closing. I've upset her. Good. She shouldn't be upset, its MY parents that's getting a divorce. Ugh! I hate myself right now! I've hurt my best friend and I don't even care! I feel deep self-loathing. I sob louder.


I stare at the green cubicle walls and ponder in the moment my parents broke the news, over breakfast of all places.


"Mia dear, would you pass me the milk?" Asks my dad, detachedly.

There's something wrong I can feel it. My mum and dad wont stop glaring at each other, they've never done that before.

"No Mia, pass it to me." My mum puts in desperately. What's wrong with these people this morning?

I pass the milk to my dad, and my mum glowers fiercely at me. What the hell?


"Amelia, there is something your dad and I want to tell you." Mum says briskly.

"Yeah?" I say.

"You tell her David." says Mum.

"No Lily, it was your decision." Dad says, annoyed.

I sense a massive row about to erupt and I yell; "Oh spit it out."

"We're getting a divorce!" They shout at the same time.


What happens next, yelling, screaming, shouting, running. My brain is registering it but my heart isn't. It's on running to school it hits me; my parents wont be together any more.

It feels like I'm being ripped in two. Two different houses, families. Two decisions; live with Mum or Dad?

My heart. It feels like it's being ripped in two. I make it to the school bathrooms, where I cry all of the school day.

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