Free Falling

Kaylee leads an awful life. The tides turn for her when she meets Amelia. She is the best friend Kaylee never had. But when Amelia's life goes haywire she turns to anyone for the blame and Kaylee's life gets a lot harder. Amelia spirals out of control and her last hope is Kaylee. But how can Kaylee help when she's taking the blame for something she hasn't got anything to do with?

This is my entry for the bullying competition......... hope you like it!


1. Kaylee- Background


I used to hate primary. I used to look at the groups of friends, and wonder how I got so lonely. Of course I knew. It was that whenever I made a friend, I would take them back to my house, or try and convince them that witches were real. The problem is my parents are alcoholics that hate the sight of their daughter. And witches aren't real. So when the rumors started, come break time i would hide in the toilets, or behind the bushed and read or cry.   By the time secondary started, I was a very nervouse 11 year old that was wat too shy for her own good. So when I walked in the school that morning, my chesnut- brown hair knotted down my back, my pastel- blue eyes red from the tears, my seconed- hand shabby uniform creased and dirty, I expected name calling or worse. So it was a shock when i met Amelia.


  Amelia was- is a blond haired, blue eyed beauty. Popular, confident, cool, she was the opposit to me. She hangs around with a beautiful, slight japanese girl called Gemma. She is smaller than me which is quite an accomplishment.   That morning was bad. They did call me names and laugh at me. By lunch time i was eating alone in the girls bathrooms, crying again. Then Amelia came in the bathroom and my life changed.


  She was re-applying make-up when she must of heard my sniffles. She knocked tentalively on the cubicle.

 "Hey, are you okay in there?" she asked hesitantly.

I tried to make myself still so she would go away. No such luck. She pushed at the door muttering "I hope you're decent"


The door opened. Trust me to have picked the door with a broken lock!

  "Are you okay?" She asked again.

I sighed and shook my head.

"Was it those people being meen? I wouldn't worry about them. They have nothing better to do with their live's."

I remained still. She sighed.

"Come with me. I'll make you better. I promise."

I hesitantly left the stall. She got some tissues and wiped my eyes. Then she stood back surveying me with narrowed eyes.


  "Hmmmm." she muttered. "Alright then. Think you can come and break a record with me on earliest day to cut class? I'll fix you right up!"

I looked at her as if she were crazy. She laughed at my expression.

"Come on. I don't bite!" she laughed again then went all serious. "Come on hon. The worst is over. I promise. I WILL help you."

I followed her then out of the bathroom. "So my names Amelia and I like to help people. Everyone calls me Mia. Whats your name?"

"Kaylee," I whispered. "Right Kaylee. Lets be friends. So I'm gonna take you to my house and get you cleaned up. My parents wont mind. My dads a lawyer and my mums a vet so they like to help people too. There will be pizza that we can order for lunch and i'll get you a bath and..........."


  That night i stayed at Mia's. She ordered me clean clothes off the internet, got me a bath and from then on Gemma, Mia and I became insepperable. We were the most popular in school. My luck at turned exept at home. Things got worse when my parents started hitting me. Luckily I had Gemma and Mia's shoulder's to cry on. Then Mia's parents got a divorce and everything went haywire.......

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