The vampires wife


2. The wedding itself.

The tune played and I began to walk down the ile,alone. Edward Montique my one and only lover was standing at the end of the long stretch of red carpet. He was wairing his beloved suit that was pur black with a red shirt and white tie and pocket hankey. He looked stunning. I felt the tears swelling up in my eyes when I got to the end of the ile and Edward said that I looked like the most rarest jem stone in the world. The prist began the speech, but my mind was lost in his pre rubey red eyes it was like he was putting me in a trance. Then I had to say the two words,when I was asked to say them I did not hesitate saying them and after we exchanged rings I looked at my hand. The ring was made out of solid gold with a large dimand in the middle, but the gold was losing its colour. It seamed like it had been worn for thousends of years but it didnt bother me at all. The kiss we had after was like being in space it so romantic. I had never in my whole life had a kiss like that before. Yet I felt like my life will change forever in ways that I was only beggining to imagine, because being married to a vampire is'nt as easy and romantic as it sounds.     

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