The vampires wife


6. The escape

For the last half an hour I have been scraping the wall to get rid of the moss that grew like a forest fire on the wall. The stick was the perfect hight so i could reach the window. I did so many streches to prepare for this escape my legs were sore and my hands covered in blood because the ground was made of sharp stones. I slowly lifted my leg onto the first ladder like branch of the stick and began my assend slowly to the top. My head was racing with what the outside world looked like because i hadent seen it in five years. Was it nicer or had it turned into a bad place? I had lots of questions to ask but I had to wait till I was out of the fog filled forest. I was allmost at the top, my legs were shaking with every step I took. Finally I was at the top, my small pencil like body ment that I could squeeze through the small window. When i was out I didnt know whitch way to go. I started to walk to the left along the blackend wall. Suddenly the gate I saw it it was really there i could finally escape this prison like home but there was something in my way... Manwell the guard. There was a large rock just next to me so I through it at the large door to get into the house and suprise suprise Manwell ran to the sound and there was my chance the gate opened with ease because it was a very old building the security system wasnt that good. The first step into freedem was the best step I have ever taken. The world was so different from how I remembered it, it was so sereal. Now all I needed to do was to pick up from where I left of and to find a new and better life for myself.  

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