The vampires wife


7. My new life

All I did was run. The trees overhead were dead still but making a strange some what creeking sound. I could only smell decoaing leaves. The ground was thick with fog whitch made it hard for me to see where I waas going. I tripped on a stuck out tree rute and fell face first into a fallen onld tree,then everything went black.After sometime I started comng round. I had no clue where i was so the only option was to keep running forward. So I did. I was beggining to feel quite petrofied if I was ever going to get out of here! Thankfully i saw sunlight right at the end of the wood. My brocken and fallen heart was now lifted. My run gradually changed into a sprint. There it was. The end of the dark forest, all of my hard work had payed of.Now I need to pick up where I left of and find a new life for myself.

Since I left the manor and the woods I have getting very fond of a little village called Margate village, I have found i really nice three bedroom house on a little road called Mapple lane. It is very sweet little house but it does look very nice. The outside is purple. To make the village even better one of my neighbours is called Patrick Roggers. He has long brown hair,and bright blue eyes. He asked me to go to one of the little pubs its called The Three T's this saturday and i really cannot wait. I havent seen or heard of Edward. He is proberbly in rage because of my absonce,but thankfully i got away from there. Well it looks like you are all up to date with my life and my dreadfull marrage. So from me Vallerie I guess this is where you need to stop reading now.

The End.

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