The vampires wife


5. How do i escape?

I sat in the cell for what seams like forever but really it had been two days and I have had no food or water. The window seamed to call me and becon me to it but to all my attemps to reach it came no avail. There was a stick at the far corner of the cell and a dagger was there aswell to intimidate me. One day in the cell I was looking at the dagger and the stick and the window and I was trying to work out a plan to use them to get out. Suddenly and idea flew dramaticly into my head. In no time I was sitting down and drawing a plan to use the stick to stand on to get to the window! All I had to do was cut the stick a little and I could reach the window. My heart was pounding with excitement, then I began to think why I married Edward. To be quite honest with you I could not think of one reason at all to why i married him yet i seamed to love him so much. Now i havent seen him in almost a week now I dont love him as much and thats what is keeping me going. All he did was boss me around and now I was going to bust out of the cell if it was the last think I did. His sickly white face used to make me blush now it fills me with hate. His blood coverd mouth just reminds me of all the times he said he was going out but i know he was killing people. He is the sikest man i know.

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