The vampires wife


3. Help me! To many rules

Sice the wedding I have been wondering if marring a vampire was a good idea. Him being a vampire he cant go into sunlight. So for me there was no honeymoon we had to go stright back to his home in some dark wood. The second we got in I was rushed quickly into the grand hall. The floor was made of solid marball and the ceiling was made from hard oak and it has an incrediball mural on it. It was himself on a fine white horse riding by the sea,the paint seamed to be losing its colour and it was peeling a little but it was still magnificent. In the center of the grand hall was a very long table with the finest silver ware and smearless glass cups. Edward was sitting at the far end of the table and I was shoved into the seat at the other end. He began to talk about the rules that I must obey for the rest of my life in order to stay married to Edward. The tears started swelling in my eyes but not the good ones this time and hers why. There was so many rules that I had to follow it was just to much to bare my heart was a breaking point.I felt like leaving but Manwell the guard was standing right behind me so I coudnt go anywhere. The rules were:

1) You must NOT go out side in day time

2) No talking about holy people

3) No opening curtains EVER

4) DO NOT tell anybody of my exsitence

5) DONT clean anything because it mite be blood

6) You MUST be loyal and caring

7) DO NOT be rude or aragent to me

8) DONT steal food from me.

I could not take it. The rules were unbareable. I did not have no sunlight on my face for five years then I decided to go into the houses grounds. But sadly Edward spoted me going out there and I had to face my consiquences.     

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