The vampires wife


4. All actions have consiquences.

Edward violantly grabbed my arm and pulled me down what seamed like onethousend steps to a dark and gloomy cell. He pushed me into the dirty rodent infested cell and walked of saying his final words to me.They were; "Vallerie my love you dissobaied my rule so you must stay in this cell for the rest of your life." After he left me to perish of starvation I did not feel so sad because I have wanted to escape for so long and now I have the chance. When I was outside I saw a small window that had been shashed into thousends of merky pieces of glass and the same window was in the cell but it was really high up so i had to think of a plan to get up there. I tryed climing but the black walls were to slippery due to them having moss growing from the sides and I had nothing to stand on so I needed to think of a plan to escape    

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