The vampires wife


1. The big day

Thank god the big day has came. I have been looking forward to this day forever, yet I still have sorrow in my heart because my beloved farther Sam Peaterson passed away two years age because of a heart attack.Plus to matters worse my mother with not give me away either because she does not approve of the man I do truly and deeply love. So on the biggest day of my life I will be walking down the ile with nobody beside me. Yet I found a way to carm my highly extatic nervs. I got into my beautiful pure white dress with a long flowing wail and train. My red long hair was pinned up in a bun with two parts of my hair at the front curled and dangling. I gently picked up my tiara and placed it on my head and then got in to the huge horse drawn carrage. The only thing I could see was the rear end of the six magestic brown horses, their tails swaing almost like long grass next to the sea. My dad used to take me to the beach every sunday, the sky always seamed to be so blue them days. The sea shimmered and gleamed in the sunlight. Tears pricked my eyes, but there was no time to cry now because we had arrived at the church. I am now going to change my life forever with two simple words "i do" because after today i will become Vallerie Montique a vampires wife... 

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