Only You {Book 1 completed}

Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also, we can't forget to mention the mysterious scar on her right shoulder. The scar that, when mentioned, had the ability to reduce Ally to tears. As Ally gets closer to Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, she finds herself doing things she had sworn off- letting loose, falling for someone, and revealing the scandal that she had tried to forget.
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8. Yearly camp

Everything was unpacked and in place. I had even noticed that the hallway had been painted, from a horrid orange colour to clean magnolia. The light above made everything look warm and cosy, just like our old house. It had that homely feel that made me smile. I walked in and opened the living room door. I froze in place. All the way around the bottom, half of the living room was midnight blue and the top was that clean magnolia colour. There were family pictures hung on the walls. There was one were Jake and me were small. There was this funny picture of dad doing the Barbie outside. Then my eyes darted to the big picture hung on the far back wall. It was the last family picture we had before mum died. We were all wearing white. I stared at mum, she beautiful green eyes, people said that I took after her. Her white gleaming teeth were perfectly straight. Dad said that she was fit to be his queen. I felt a tear run down my cheek.

 My thoughts were interrupted, when I heard the TV switch off. Jake and dad were both staring at me. “Are you ok, Ally?” I felt a warm on my shoulder; Jake was standing behind me smiling. “Yeah, I’m okay.” I said wiping my tear and sat down next to dad. Jake followed but sat opposite me. “How was your first day of college?” dad asked gleaming at me. “Oh, urm. It was fine dad.” I mumbled looking down at my feet. They were looking very interesting all of a sudden. “Is that it? Did you make any new friends?” asked Jake. My head shot up, “You’ll never believe it, guess who I saw at college?” I said excitedly. “Who?” he questioned, looking at me confused. “Dad, remember mum’s sister Anne?” I asked. “Oh, yeah, I do. What about her?” dad urged me to continue. “Well, I met her son Harry, today!” I exclaimed bouncing in my seat. “He goes to the same college, and I met his friends too. They were oh so welcoming and kind.” I said, maybe a little too quickly.

Dad’s eyes filled with glee. “That’s good. Oh God, you just reminded me. I spoke to his mother today?” he started to say. “Why?” I asked puzzled. What did he talk to her about? “Well darling, you know me and your brother Jake always go on our yearly camp for a few weeks.” He continued. “Yeah?” I urged. “You’re going to be staying at Harry’s house for a few weeks, while Jake and I are camping.” He finished. My eyes widened. We just recently moved house, and they are already talking about leaving me with someone else. Every year, dad would take Jake out camping so that they could have a little man-to-man time. Away from me. They could have at least left it this year, I mean we still have to get settled in. “But dad I” I started to argue but was cut off by Jake. “Look little sis. Dad and I are going camping tomorrow, whether you like it or not. Besides, I bet you will have a lot of fun at Harry’s. You always have.” I rolled my eyes. He was right I had always enjoyed my stays with Harry; it couldn’t be that bad now. I smiled my dad and then went upstairs.

The upstairs hallway was painted magnolia too. Dad must have brought a big bucket full. I opened by bedroom door and sighed. There were still a few boxes lying about, waiting silently to be unpacked. I decided to take a shower first. The steam filled my en-suit, while the warm water sprayed against my back. Oh, it felt so nice. I wandered what it would be like at Harry's house. I imagined it as really big and full of light colours. His room must be spacious with posters of random stuff filling his walls. My thoughts were interrupted by Jakes, call that dinner was ready. I got out of the shower and threw on my soft cotton pyjamas. My shorts were black and my top was hot pink, they each had a ‘Playboy’ bunny with the opposite colour. I tied my hair in a towel and jogged downstairs. Boy, was I hungry!

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