Only You {Book 1 completed}

Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also, we can't forget to mention the mysterious scar on her right shoulder. The scar that, when mentioned, had the ability to reduce Ally to tears. As Ally gets closer to Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, she finds herself doing things she had sworn off- letting loose, falling for someone, and revealing the scandal that she had tried to forget.
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33. The plan

I watched as Harry punched Damen to the ground and I couldn’t help but feel relieved. Damen was going to jail, or even prison, and I would never see him again. An officer saw what Harry was doing and jogged over, pulling him away from Damen. He said something to Harry and he nodded, turning to me.He looked worried and I felt self-conscious as he looked at the bandage over my right shoulder. Damen cut me again, but I felt slightly better knowing that he would never be able to do it again.

Harry walked over to me and gently placed his hand on my shoulder. It stung a bit and I did my best to keep from flinching away from his touch; it was nothing compared to the pain of having that knife dig into my flesh and carve it again as he had done years ago. Harry slipped my shirt off my shoulder slowly, his eyebrows furrowing together.

“I wanna see how bad it is.” He whispered and moved his hand up to peel the edge of the bandage off. I bit my lips as he pulled it off. He was being delicate, but as he pulled off the tape he was also pulling at the raw skin, ripping the wound open again. Tears stung my eyes and Harry glanced up at me.

“Ally, this is bad. You need to go to the hospital.” He pressed the bandage back to my skin and I shivered at the contact. I was trying to forget about to the pain. There was only one thing I wanted right now- to see Liam. I needed to see him for myself.

“Fine,” I answered, a plan forming in my head. I had to be sneaky about it; I couldn’t let Harry know about it or he would try and stop me. He grabbed my left arm and guided me over to the passenger side of the car, opening the door for me. I smirked despite the situation. Seconds ago Harry had been beating the life out of someone, and now he was opening doors for me to take me to the hospital.

I sat down, watching as Harry ran around the front hood to the driver’s side. I managed to shut the car door because it was on my left side, but putting on the safety belt was proving more challenging. I could hardly move my right arm without feeling like the skin on my shoulder was being torn off.

“Harry,” I muttered and looked over at him pitifully. I wanted to cry because it hurt so much, but I needed to pretend I was strong. He looked over as he buckled himself up and noticed my problem. He nodded and reached over, taking the belt from my left hand and snapping it in place on my right. He pulled the visor down and the keys fell into his lap; he stuck them into the ignition, sending the car roaring to life.

Just the slight vibration of the car sent daggers of pain down my arm and tears stung in my eyes. It hurt so much- definitely worse than the first time. Then, my shoulder was completely numb because of the blood loss. But this time Damen was careful not to cut me too deep. Now, I could feel everything and it sucked.

I bounced my legs as I tried to distract myself from the pain in my shoulder. I so desperately wanted to scream and cry and beg Harry to hurry, but I needed to stay calm. We inched forward, the many police cars blocking our way. Harry was searching all around for another way out when Louis ran up to the car. He leaned into Harry’s window, the other boys following behind.

“Why are you still here?! Go to the freaking hospital!” Louis yelled at Harry, impatience showing clearly on his face.

“I can’t! There’s no way out of here!” Harry proclaimed and Louis groaned loudly. He dragged himself away from the car and I watched as he walked up to an officer. He started yelled dramatically, waving his hands around to point at our car, then at the police cars, and then he pointed to himself. He looked rather funny when he was cross and it distracted me from the pain. To my surprise, the officer nodded and grimaced. He motioned for the other officers to move their cars to the side and they all sprinted over to drive their cars to the side. Louis smirked and came back over to us. Harry was staring at him, his mouth gaping open.

“Did you just tell off a police officer?”

“Yeah, and it worked! Now go!” Louis waved us away.

“Take Juliet to her Romeo!”

“Romeo and Juliet killed themselves.” I heard Zayn say flatly as Harry sped off towards the new opening. The comment didn’t make me feel any better about a single thing. As Harry drove faster, the vibrations of the car and the random bumps on the street made the pain agonizing. I bit down on my tongue to hold back my screams, but I was unable to stop crying, a stray tear managing to escape every few minutes. I kept replaying that horrible moment over and over again in my head.


I had felt so brave at the time, but now I was wondering how I could have been so reckless. He could have killed me. He could have stabbed me in the stomach as he did with Liam- I held my breath as my thoughts were brought back to Liam.

Was he okay? Harry said that he was in a coma. I didn’t know what to feel. Deep down, I knew that it was my fault. I ran from Damen and Liam was protecting me. If I had let him take me, Liam wouldn’t be in the hospital right now. I made up my mind, the final steps of my plan falling together in my head. We only had a few minutes before we reached the small local hospital, and it was time to put it into action. I wiped away the tears from my cheeks and turned to Harry. He was concentrating on the road, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the steering wheel. I coughed, catching his attention.

“So, what room is Liam in?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Why?” Harry kept his eyes on the road, but that didn’t stop the curiosity seeping into this voice.

“Um, so that after I get stitched up I can go straight to his room.” I tried to sound convincing, but I wasn’t the best liar. Luckily for me, Harry wasn’t in his right mind and couldn’t pick up on my nervousness.

“It’s room 143.”

“Thanks.” I smiled and looked out of my window. We were in the square, and I remembered when Zayn took me to get ice cream just a few days ago. With everything that has happened, it seemed like it was months ago instead. The hospital was literally seconds away with the speed Harry was going at. Every turn that he took sent another sharp pain down my arm, but I didn’t dare complain. If I mentioned once that it hurt, he wouldn’t let me out of his sight. And I needed to be able to escape for my plan to work. He pulled up to the front of the hospital, stopping quickly.

Harry reached over and fumbled with my belt before snapping it apart. I was able to open the door by myself and I jumped out of the car. Harry stood at the entrance, waiting for me to catch up. I held my breath and jogged over to him, every step was like my arm being ripped off. I reached him shortly and he wrapped an arm around me as he pushed the door open for me. I mumbled thanks as we made it into the white waiting room.

It was fairly deserted, only a few people sitting in the uncomfortable chairs. Scanning the small room, I looked for the signs that told people where to go. I smiled to myself as I saw what I needed and waited patiently as Harry went off to sign me in.

“I’ll go sit down.” I lied to him and he nodded, walking over to the front desk. I backed up to make it look like I was going to choose a seat, waiting for the right moment. It came a few seconds later as Harry bent down, pen in hand, and started scribbling something onto a piece of paper. With my left hand clutching my right shoulder to hold it still, I ran full tilt towards the hallway to the side.

I looked over the walls as I sprinted down the corridor, looking for the correct room number. Harry probably had no idea I had left because my shoes were silent on the white tile floor. Room 178… Room 141… Room 142… Room 143… I stopped in front of the closed door, my hand reaching out to the door knob. My heart beat in my chest, my ears ringing.

I wasn’t able to figure out if it was from the running or from the sheer excitement and dread of seeing Liam again. I looked up and down the hall to make sure I wasn’t seen- the coast was clear. I quietly opened the door and slinked in stealthily. My heart, which had been beating hard before, was now frozen in my chest.

I couldn’t hear anything other than the incessant beeping of the several monitor. The only thing I saw was his beautiful face. He looked like a fallen angel. His eyes were sunken in slightly and his brown, wavy hair was matted to his forehead. The usual smile that was traced on his lips was replaced with a ghostly straight line.

“Liam,” I whispered, walking towards him. “Please, come back to me.” I ran my hand gingerly down his cheek, trying to imagine him asleep. I prayed to god that he would wake up. “Please, Liam. That’s all I’m asking. Just wake up. I need you. I can’t do anything without you.” I cried softly, choking slightly on my tears.

I heard a faint yell down the hall and I knew Harry saw that I was missing. I cried harder. I didn’t want to leave him. We were going to be together forever. Why did people always pull us apart?

“Ally?! Where are you?” Harry’s voice came closer as he ran down the hall. I turned to the opened door and cursed to myself for not closing it. “Ally!” I grasped onto Liam’s hand for dear life as Harry neared.

“Liam, don’t let them take me. I want to stay with you!”

“Ally! Where are you?!”

“Liam, please wake up! Please!” I sobbed, not paying attention any more to the throbbing pain.

“Ally!” Harry appeared in the doorway, taking a big sigh. “I had no idea where you’d gone! Or if you’d been taken again- why are you crying? What’s wrong?” He stepped forward.

“Don’t take me away from him! I don’t want to leave him!” I cried loudly, no doubt attracting the  attention of all the hospital staff. I could hear them running towards the room and I backed up closer to Liam's bed.  "Please." I begged Harry, but he continued to walk towards me.

"Ally, you need treatment! You can be with him later!" Harry reasoned but I shook my head. 

"I don't want to leave him!" I turned around to look at Liam's unconscious body. "Please, Liam! Wake up! Wake up! PLEASE!" I felt arms wrap around my waist, pulling me out of the room. I struggled to get out of their grip, but they were too strong.

"Be careful! She's injured her shoulder!" Harry called to my left and I cried harder as they managed to pull me farther from Liam.


"Ma'am! You need to get stitched up! You can seriously hurt yourself!" a nurse called to me.

 "Please!" I cried and dug my fingernails into the doorframe, trying to keep myself close to Liam. "Please."

"Ma'am! You need treatment now!"

"Ally, listen to them! You're only hurting yourself!" I ignored them, keeping my eyes glued on Liam. It pained me to think that he might wake up while I was gone. What if he woke up in an empty room with no one there to welcome him back?

"Please." I begged softly, trying to hold on to the door as they continued to pull me away.  I felt my fingers slip away and I fell limp in their arms as they took me away.  And with a last, fleeting glance at his peaceful body, I saw his hand twitch.  

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