Only You {Book 1 completed}

Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also, we can't forget to mention the mysterious scar on her right shoulder. The scar that, when mentioned, had the ability to reduce Ally to tears. As Ally gets closer to Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, she finds herself doing things she had sworn off- letting loose, falling for someone, and revealing the scandal that she had tried to forget.
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21. Out with Zayn


We walked out onto the field besides Harry’s house. Wind was rolling over the grass, causing my hair to whip around. I tried to tame it, to keep it covering my shoulder, but I couldn’t keep it in the same place. After a few minutes, all I wanted to do was go back inside, where there was no risk of anyone seeing the scar and asking questions.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want people to see my scar; it was just a mark on my body, and there was no use of trying to get rid of it. No, I hid the scar because, when people saw it, they would ask questions. And I tried everything that was humanly possible to forget that rainy day.

I looked over at Zayn. He looked so happy, so carefree, that I didn’t dare ask to return home. So I walked on, still struggling to keep my scar hidden.

I caught Zayn sneaking glances at me a few times, and each time he looked away quickly. Finally, he spoke.

“You don’t have to hide it.”

I flinch at his words. Did he know? “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I try to act unfazed.

“We all know about the scar. Harry told us all this morning.”

Surprisingly, I wasn’t mad. I was relieved. I didn’t have to hide anymore- at least around my friends and family. “So you know everything? About Damen and that night?”

“Yeah. Everything.” He mutters, and we drop the conversation.

We continued to walk through the field, aimlessly wandering. My long brown hair was still flying around, annoying me immensely. Out of habit, I kept pushing it over to my right shoulder, only to have it blown away again. I just wanted to give up.

“Screw it.” I proclaimed, gathering my hair behind my head and tying it up. I looked over at Zayn, and see a large grin stretched across his face. “Oh, come on.”

Five minutes later, I find myself talking about my future with Zayn.

“Seriously, Ally? No plans? None at all?” Zayn scoffed, not convinced of my earlier declaration.

“Yup. I’m seventeen, going on eighteen soon, and I have absolutely no plans on what I’m going to do when I’m older.” I had never really thought about it, to be honest. To me, the future was this big and messy glob of the unknown. I would rather not dwell on what I’m going to do, but rather focus on what I’m doing.

“Why’s that?”

“Well, I’ve had a lot of bad things happen in my life.” I sigh. “I know how easily things can be taken away. I want to live for right now, not waste my minutes, thinking about what I can do.”

Zayn nodded, accepting my answer.

“So, Mr. Malik- what do you see in your future?” I turned the conversation over to him, genuinely interested in what he had to say.

He smiles. “I want to be an English professor.”

“What about the singing thing? Didn’t Niall say that you could sing? Why not make that your career?”

Zayn chuckles and looks me in the eye. “I’m not as good as Niall led on. I doubt anything would come of it.”

I stop him in his tracks. “Sing for me.”

“What?” Zayn blushes slightly.

“You heard me. I want to hear you sing.” I demand. I wasn’t going to let this go until I heard him.

“I can’t just start singing!” He struggled to find an excuse. “And, we don’t have any music!”

I pulled out my phone, scrolling through the music. I found a song and showed it to him.

“No way! That’s a girl song!” He protested.

I shrugged. “Be a man- just change it up a bit!”

He sighed, taking my phone and pressing play. The familiar chords filled the air, still audible over the loud wind. Zayn took a deep breath and began to sing.

“You’re on the phone with your boyfriend- he’s upset.

He’s going off about something that you said,

Cause he doesn’t get your humor like I do.”

He looks up at me, unsure. I couldn’t help but smile widely back at him.

“I’m in my room, it’s a typical Tuesday night.

I’m listening to the kind of music he doesn’t like,

And he’ll never know your story like I do.

Cause he wears Ray Bans,

I wear glasses.

He wears sweats,

And I wear chinos.

Dreaming about the days where you wake up and find,

That what you’ve been looking for has been here the whole time.

If you could see that I’m the one who understands you,

Been here all along,

So why can’t you see?

That you belong with me,

You belong with me.”

Zayn pauses the song, looking totally embarrassed, waiting for my verdict.

I could hardly put my thoughts into words. “WHAT WAS THAT?!” I yell. I was NOT ready to hear that! “What was it that you said? Oh yeah, ‘I’m not as good as Niall led on’. Zayn, you’re amazing!”

He blushed, handing my phone back. “Thanks.”

I decide not to push it, as he didn’t make a big fuss when I told him about my future. As we made our way closer to town, I continued to think about Zayn’s singing. Was it just me, or did it sound like Zayn had put real feeling into that song?

We reached the outskirts of town, making our way around the quiet streets. I had been here so many times, I had memorized where everything was. I remember when Harry, Gemma and I would go into town alone and buy ice cream and candy at the shops. I remember feeling so grown up because we went by ourselves. Now, I realize that our parents probably called some friends that lived in town to keep an eye out for us.

I could see the ice cream parlour across from the square, and I remembered all of the good times I had there.

“There it is!” I point out the little building to Zayn, and he grins. “I’ll race you.” I challenge, and take off before he responds.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” I hear him call after me, but I don’t turn around or slow down. I run across the deserted street, fling open the door, and skid inside. Zayn runs in seconds after me, and I smile at him. We both catch our breath, tired from running and laughing.

I stand up straight and look around the shop. There are about ten people in here, and all their eyes are trained on the two teenagers that just stormed in.

I suddenly feel very self- conscious with my scar exposed. I reach up and pull my hair down quickly, brushing my fingers through my tangled hair.  

They all turned back to their shopping, but I stay frozen. Had they seen?

Zayn comes up beside me and slips his hand into mine, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

We walk over to the counter and order our ice cream before moving over to a booth at the back of the shop. Zayn sat down next to me, never mentioning what happened earlier.

After we finished eating, Zayn escorted me out and we walked home in silence.

I knew, when I got home, Harry would have something to say. He always did. But if I had known what exactly he was going to do, I probably would have stayed out longer than I had.

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