Only You {Book 1 completed}

Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also, we can't forget to mention the mysterious scar on her right shoulder. The scar that, when mentioned, had the ability to reduce Ally to tears. As Ally gets closer to Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, she finds herself doing things she had sworn off- letting loose, falling for someone, and revealing the scandal that she had tried to forget.
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11. No clothes!

 The light pouring through my open blinds as I slowly, and unwillingly, wake up. I silently curse Harry for not closing them, thus taking away a few more minutes of my beauty sleep. I stretch my arms above my head, and curl my toes under the sheets. Why did this bed have to be so comfortable? I never wanted to get up. I scrunched my closed eyes to block the sun and I draped my forearm over my eyes. However, when my arm touched my head, I felt a piece of paper in the way.

                I opened my eyes and saw that a yellow post-it note had been stuck to my forehead. Hesitantly, I reached up to grab it and I turned it over so I could see what was on it.

                Sup. Dad and I decided to leave early so we didn’t hit traffic. I would have gladly woken you up, but dad said you needed your sleep. See you in 2 weeks! Oh, and did you know you snore? You do. Moreover, it’s loud.

I smiled. Jake was such a jerk sometimes, but he was my big brother and we played around all the time. I knew he was going to miss me.

I looked under what Jake had written and saw another note; it looked like dad’s handwriting.

I love you, Ally, and I’ll miss you every single second we’re apart.

My smile grew wider. How did I deserve such a fantastic dad? To Jake, he was the typical father- they talked about sports, girls, food, cars, and other manly stuff. But when we spent time together, he transformed into a loving, caring, funny, and perfect father. When mum was taken from us- God rest her soul- dad did his very best to take care of us. Moreover, he succeeded.

I placed the post-it note on my bedside table and swung my feet over the side of the bed, and was surprised how pleasant the temperature was. There was no doubt; we were going to spend a lot of our time outside in these next two weeks.

I stood up and stretched, trying to get all of the tiredness to leave my body. I shook my long, brown hair and gave a loud huff; I had a feeling today was going to be long. School was over, though I had barely even started, and now I had two full weeks to spend with five boys. I hope that I could see Dani and Eleanor frequently to keep me sane- they seemed like nice girls and I couldn’t wait to spend more time with them.

I slouched my shoulders unattractively and shuffled my feet to the door. I lazily moved my hand to the doorknob and flung the door open without a care in the world. Nobody was here, so I did not have to worry about anyone getting mad at me for being too loud.

I dragged myself down the stairs and made my way to the kitchen. I needed food. I grabbed a bowl, some cereal and milk and poured myself some breakfast. I wasn’t the most creative chef, but I could make a mean bowl of cereal. Wait, couldn’t everyone?

I shoved the food into my mouth and ate. As soon as I was finished, I placed the empty bowl in the sink and I already felt better. I walked back through the empty house and to the bathroom, deciding that I needed a shower. I turned on the water so it could get hot and, while I was waiting, I brushed my hair. I grabbed my comb off the counter and flipped all my hair over to the left side. I pause, transfixed by my reflection in the mirror. I stare at my shoulder, at the ugly scar that forever gives me bad dreams. I keep staring at it, blinking back tears because of the horrible memories and pain connected to it. I remember it like it was yesterday…

The bathroom mirror begins to fog up, and I take a deep breath. I clear my throat and brush my hair, this time avoiding my reflection.

I strip and step into the hot shower. I close my eyes and forget about everything- every loss, every tear, every moment when I am sad. I think of all the good times I’ve had with dad and Jake instead. When we went shopping and Jake and I stood in the shop window and pretended to be mannequins. When we went fishing and I freaked out because I thought the boat was going to flip, which caused us to flip. When I went to Jake’s baseball game and strangers mysteriously knew my name- and I thought Jake was telling everyone, until I realized that my name was on my hat. These moments are what help me forget about that tragic moment two years ago.

Finished, I turn off the water and wrap a towel around my body before stepping out of the shower. The mirror is completely fogged up and I grab another towel to wrap my hair in. I carefully walk across the wooden hallway into my room and immediately go to my closet. I open it, already imagining what I am going to wear today. Nevertheless, when I look into my closet, I see that it is empty.

Crap. The boys took my clothes. In addition, they were not smart enough to leave me a change of clothes. I sit on the bed, thinking of what I should do.

How could they be so stupid? They took all of my clothes! I felt silly sitting on my bed in just a towel, jiggling my legs as I thought. What was I going to do! They were going to show up any minute now and all I am wearing is a towel! I start to panic. I’m only wearing a towel, and five teenage boys are about to show up. Crap! Crap, crap, crap!

My thoughts are interrupted-

“You can count on me like one, two, three,

And I’ll be there.

‘Cause I know when I need it,

I can count on you like four, three, two,

And you’ll be there.

Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do,

Oh, yeah.”

I rushed downstairs as quickly, yet safely, as possible to find my phone. I knew that ringtone; it was assigned for one special person. My idiotic cousin, Harry Styles.

I find my phone on the dinner table and am able to answer it before it stops ringing.

“Hello, beautiful! When-” Harry starts talking, but I cut him off.

“Why did you take all of my clothes?!” I screech at him, trying to get all of my emotions into those words to show him how ticked off I am.

“I, um, what?”

“My clothes are gone- Louis said you packed my clothes for the break, but you took ALL of my clothes! I have nothing to wear today!”

He laughed. “I’m sure you have something to wear. We don’t care what you look like.”

I growl at him. “I’m not being a picky, whiny girl! I literally have NO CLOTHES in my ENTIRE HOUSE! I’m in a bloody towel right now!”

I hear a chorus of “oooohs” from the other line and Harry coughs nervously.

I sigh and shake my head. “I’m on speaker phone, aren’t I?”

“Yup!” Louis exclaimed.

“Hello, love!” Niall cheers. The other boys say hello also.

I pause for a second, trying to sounds nicer. “So, could you please bring me something to wear?”

Harry chuckles. “Yeah, what would you like?”

I flop down onto a chair, exhausted yet again. “I really don’t care. Just grab the first thing you see.” I hang up and lean back in the chair. I close my eyes and wait for Harry to show up with my clothes.

After only a few minutes, I hear the doorbell ring, followed closely by knock at the door.

“I’m coming!” I rush to the door and take a quick peek through the eyehole thingy; I see a familiar head of crazy brown hair and I open the door.

There stands Liam. His smile is quickly erased when he sees me standing there, in just a towel. A blush creeps up both of our cheeks and I hide behind the door.

“Liam! What are you doing here?! I thought Harry was coming!”

“He, uh, he- Harry asked me to drop off your clothes because he’s had to go out with his mum on a last minute errand. I- I’m so sorry, Ally, I didn’t know- Harry didn’t tell me you were…” Liam nervously rambles on and I stick my arm out from behind the door.

“Liam, just give me the clothes. You can come in once I’ve gone upstairs.” I stop him talking and he hands me a bag. I make a mad dash for the stairs and sprint into my room.

“You can come in now! I’m upstairs!” I hear the door close and him walk inside. I turn to the bag of clothes and dump them onto the bed. I notice a piece of paper.

Hello, Alex! Harry told me about the problem and asked me to grab your clothes, don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t know what to grab or if he’s too embarrassed to see your bras- bless :) can’t wait to have you stay with us for the next two weeks! Lots of love, Auntie Anne

I smile at the note and look down at the clothes Auntie gave me. Well, looks like her rocking taste hasn’t changed at all! She’s picked out my favourite summer dress, a light-weight cardi, and Toms. I put the clothes on and flipped my head over to take the towel out of my hair. I shake my hair around a big, trying to get more of a natural wave to it.

Happy with how it looks, I start to go back downstairs. Luckily, I stop myself at the top step. I raise my hand to my mouth and smell my breath. Quickly, I run into the bathroom and grab my toothbrush and toothpaste. I scrub my teeth and then tongue, trying to get my breath as minty as possible. I pulled back my hair with the band on my wrist and lean forward to spit into the sink. I rinse and decide that I should floss and use mouth wash- just to be safe. I finish and smile at myself in the mirror.

I skip down the stairs and find Liam in the living room, looking at the pictures on the wall. He spins around when he hears me enter, and his eyes get wide when they see me. I panic, looking up and down my body.

“What is it?” Then I realize. My scar. I quickly yank the band from my hair and brush my hair over my right shoulder. I looked up at him and fake a smile, running my fingers through my hair as if nothing just happened.

He manages to pull his gaze away from my neck and looks at my eyes before looking down. He motions behind his back at the picture behind him.

“So… where’s your mom?” Liam was trying to ease the tension, but he had no idea that he had just ensured it.

I caught his gaze and looked him straight in the eyes. “Dead.”

He had been smiling slightly before, but now his face was full of embarrassment, regret, and sadness.

“I’m sorry.” Liam managed to whisper.

I kept looking him in the eyes. “It’s okay; it was a long time ago.”

He clears his throat and steps forward cautiously. “Should we go?” He motions towards the door and then he pulls his keys out of his pocket.

I nod and give him a small, reassuring smile. We walk together to the door, where he then opens it for me and lets me through first. We start to walk to his car in the driveway when I stop.

“I’ve forgotten to lock the house!” I run back to the house and grab keys from the kitchen, locking the back doors and then the front doors. I stand on the doormat, spinning around, looking for a place to hide the keys. I look over at Liam for help. He laughs and walks over.

I hand him the keys and he walks over to a tree beside the house. I can’t quite see where he put the keys, but I see that he reached up high. When he walks back over, I ask him where he put them.

“Bird house- that’s where I put mine.” He gives me a warm smile and walks me to the car, where he opens the passenger door for me. He walks over to the right side and climbs in. We drive to Harry’s house in silence, but it wasn’t very awkward. It was comfortable, to be able to sit with someone in silence.

He pulls into the driveway and I lean forward in my seat, drumming my fingers on the dashboard.

Liam chuckles. “Excited?”

“Yes! I remember when I used to come here during the summer when I was younger and Harry, Jake and I would have so much fun! We were, truly, the Three Musketeers.”

We park in front of the house and I immediately hop out, jumping in excitement. This was going to be brilliant.

I skip to the front door and open it without knocking, taking a step inside. It was quiet. Was anyone home? I take another step inside, looking around for everyone.

“Hello-” I start to yell, but I suddenly find myself wrapping in the arms of someone. I look behind me and find a grinning Louis.

“Ally!” He exclaims, dragging out the ‘y’. He gives me a tight squeeze and lets me go.

I laugh at him. “Hey, Louis! Where is everyone?”

He shrugs. “I don’t know! Let me look.”

I expected him to go off and search the rooms for the others, but apparently, that’s not how Louis rolls. Instead, he yells at the top of his lungs.


I hear the sound of feet running through the halls and soon a smiling Niall and Zayn attack me.

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