Only You {Book 1 completed}

Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also, we can't forget to mention the mysterious scar on her right shoulder. The scar that, when mentioned, had the ability to reduce Ally to tears. As Ally gets closer to Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, she finds herself doing things she had sworn off- letting loose, falling for someone, and revealing the scandal that she had tried to forget.
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35. Mourning

I can honestly say that dad and Jake’s funerals were the worst days of my life. Worse than being kidnapped and stabbed, worse than even seeing Liam in the hospital. Because then I at least had hope of salvation, hope that I would see my family again.

But as I stood in the cemetery and watched as their coffins were lowered into the ground, I knew that I would never see them again.

Everyone that loved me was taken away from me. My mom, Liam, and now Jake and dad. Liam came back, but the others never would. They were stuck six feet under, never to see the sun again.

I sat down in the lounge of my house, having left Harry’s a week ago. I moved out as soon as we got home from the funerals. I couldn’t bear to see anyone- to see the pity in their eyes when they looked at me. I wanted to be alone. I pushed everyone away, ignoring texts and calls from friends and family.

I had decided that I wasn’t going to talk to anyone until I could talk to dad and Jake again. They were the ones that I really wanted to be with right now. I wanted Jake to walk in the front door and wrap me in one of his big bear hugs. I wanted dad to sing to me at night to put me to sleep. I wanted to have foot wars with Jake under the table as we ate dinner. I wanted to hear dad’s corny comments as we watched movies together.

All I wanted was to have my family back. Was that too much to ask?

I would trade it all just to see them both for ten more minutes. I would give up my own life if that meant I could see them again.  

I had spent a week in this house doing absolutely nothing. All I did all day was huddle in bed, wrapped in Jake and dad’s clothes, sobbing over everything. Jake was twenty- way too young to be taken out of this world. Dad was forty one and was going to live a long and healthy life.

Life wasn’t fair.

Yesterday my dad’s lawyer came over with a grim face and a large briefcase. I had been in my room at the time, binging on ice cream as I cried. My cheeks were tear-stained and my eyes were red and puffy when I answered the door; he gave me a handshake and walked in, setting his stuff on the kitchen table.

I knew who he was- he had ads in papers and on the tellie. Mr. Sorrel: the best lawyer in Holmes Chapel. So when he arrived on my doorstep, I knew what he was here for. My father’s Last Will and Testimony. I knew he had made a will, but I never gave much thought as to what was in it. I never really wanted to know.

He sat down and introduced himself, clicking open the case. I sat across from him and tried to compose myself, but it seemed impossible. Mr. Sorrel told me why he was here and began his well-rehearsed speech on how sorry he was and how death was a horrible, yet natural, thing.

I remember giving him a snarky retort, asking how a car accident was a natural thing. He just sighed and pulled out a stack of papers.

He handed me a letter from my father and I placed it to the side, intending on reading it later when I was alone. He then continued in pulling out more papers and began reading off a list of things I inherited from my father.

To my daughter, Alex, my car fully paid for so that you may move on after I’m gone.

To my son, Jake, all of my savings so that you can start a new life.

To my daughter, Alex, the grandfather clock that you always loved so that you can have a piece of me after I’ve left.

To my son, Jake, our house fully paid for so you can continue to make good memories.

To my daughter, Alex, all of your mother’s jewelry so that you can have her close when I’m not around to tell you about her.

To my son, Jake, my comic book collected valued at £7,000 so you can realize that something so simple can be made into something amazing.

And to you both, a million ‘I love you’s to last the rest of the time we’re not together.

Mr. Sorrel explained that, since Jake had died also, I would get all of the inheritance. All of it was mine- everything that dad owned was now mine.

But I didn’t want everything he owned. I just want him.

Mr. Sorrel didn’t stay long after that. He gathered his things, stood, straightened his crisp suit and left with a muttered farewell. The door clicked shut behind him and I stayed slumped in my seat, breathing in the fading scent on Jake’s sweatshirt.

Igot up from where I had been thinking on the couch and took a shaky breath as I picked up the letter from the table, where I had left it untouched since Mr. Sorrel left. Breaking the seal, I caught a glimpse of dad’s familiar writing and let out a sob.

I just missed them so much! Why did they have to be taken away from me? I didn’t know who to blame. Harry told me that they were driving down a steep road, on their way home after they got a call about what was happening. It was raining and thundering and the dirt road was too slippery to be going as fast as they were. The car lost traction and wasn't able to turn a corner. The car was going so fast that it broke through a metal guardrail. It went tumbling down off a hundred foot drop.

Completely accidently, completely horrible. It could have happened to anyone, and it happened to me of all people. There were two people I needed to most- dad and Jake- and they were taken from me in the cruelest way.

I tried to hold the papers in my hand steadily and began reading the letter.


Liam’s POV


Ally wasn’t answering any texts or calls. I wanted to go over to her house, but Harry stopped me multiple times. He said that she needed this time alone to grieve over the loss of her brother and father. He told me that this happened before when her mother died; she shut herself in her room and didn’t say anything for months. Not a single word- and they had accepted that she would never speak again.

But then, exactly six months after her mother’s death, she asked her father to sing her to sleep. He didn’t ask her why she hadn’t talked or got mad at her. He just laid down beside her and sang her a lullaby from when she was a baby.

After Harry kept refusing to let me see Ally, I got angrier and angrier. We got in a fight a couple of time, a few of those we got physical. Every time, someone had to break us up forcefully because we wouldn’t stop pounding at each other. And then the boys would yell at me, saying that I could seriously hurt myself again. I had only just returned from the hospital, a long line of stitches going down my torso.

My mum called me every day to make sure I was alright and breathing and I always lied and said I was getting a lot better. She would tell me to look on the bright side- during my last check up they found that my damaged kidney had repaired itself. Mum would say that no matter how bad life is, you can always find a silver lining.

I had asked her what the silver lining in Ally’s brother and father’s death was, and she hasn’t answered that yet. I think about it late at night when it’s impossible to sleep. What good would come out of this? Ally was probably beyond repair, but there was no way I could fix her. She wouldn’t let me near her.

I need to help her, because I feel like she’s going to break soon.


Ally’s POV


I sobbed loudly, clutching the letter in my hand. That was horrible. The worst thing I’ve ever had to do. The words echoed in my head and haunted me.

I couldn’t take this anymore. I missed them too much. I needed to see my family again.

I was able to survive the loss of my mother because I had dad and Jake. But without them my life is just an abyss filled to the brim with pain.

Everyone I loved has been taken from me. I have no one. No one loves me. No one has come knocking on my door, begging to help me.

No one wants me. No one loves me. I’m just a waste of space.

I want to die.

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