Only You {Book 1 completed}

Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also, we can't forget to mention the mysterious scar on her right shoulder. The scar that, when mentioned, had the ability to reduce Ally to tears. As Ally gets closer to Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, she finds herself doing things she had sworn off- letting loose, falling for someone, and revealing the scandal that she had tried to forget.
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17. Leave me alone!



                I watched everyone leave the hallway, but Ally lingered behind. I watched as she turned to face me, her green eyes studying me. The feelings I have for Ally- they were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It was nothing like the way I felt around Danielle. Harry kept warning us to stay away from Ally, but I horrible when we weren’t together.

                From the moment it met her, I wanted to hold her in my arms and keep her there forever.

And the fact that she wouldn’t tell me what that scar was there from, well, it sucked. I had to know.

Ally took a deep breath and opened her mouth to say something, but I interrupted her.

“Why won’t you tell me what happened?”

As soon as I asked it, her eyes flashed. It wasn’t anger- it was more like bad memories. I could see her eyes tear up and she bit her lip. Could I really have been that bad? I had the sudden urge to run forward and wrap her in my arms. I wanted to shield her from the world, even if it was forbidden by Harry.

I watched at the breath hitched in her throat and she looked down to the floor.

“I’d rather not talk about it.”

I stepped forward. “But why?! Why won’t you tell me?” I had gotten this brave- I had already started the conversation. I couldn’t back out now.

Ally quickly glanced up at me and took a step back, towards the wall opposite me. “Maybe… maybe when we’re closer and we know each other better.”

I couldn’t take the distance between us anymore. I sped towards her and she backs up further, until we are both pushed against the wall. She looks at me with desperate eyes, begging me not to do this.

“I want to know you; I want us to be close. You have no idea.”




                What was he doing?

                He had asked me about my scar, and he kept pushing me for an answer. Then, he suddenly had the nerve to push me against the wall and basically confess his love for me.

                This was too far.

                Liam was pressed against me, his face inches from mine. In any other circumstance, I would have loved this, to have his lips so close to mine. But he was with Dani, and they were happy.

                I ducked underneath his arms and squirmed away from him, shaking my head.

                “No, Liam.” I stepped back. “Danielle.” I felt the need to remind him of his girlfriend, whom I knew loved him very much.

                I continued to leave, but I kept my eye on Liam. I was almost out of the hallway when I spun around the leave. I ran into someone and I was about to apologize when I realized who it was.

                It was Harry.

                And he looked pissed.




                That prick! That twat! That complete… ass!

                I told him! I told them all several time- do not try anything with Ally. And now what do I see? Liam pressing Ally against the wall, their faces so close…

                I stood there, enraged, clenching my fists. Okay. Go ahead, Liam. I want to see how far you will go. Then, when you kiss her, I’m going to punch you. Right in the face. And then I’m going to kick you where a man does not like to be kicked.

                Ally has been used before. I had to watch silently as she dated that jerk, Damen.  I tried to tell her. I really did try. I knew he would do something to her; I could see it in his eyes that he was going to snap one day. And he did. Unluckily for Ally, there was a knife near when he cracked.

                When she was recovering from the broken ribs and blood loss in the hospital, I was there for her. And she was never going back to that place; I vowed never to let Ally get so broken again.

                I watched as Ally squirmed away from Liam, backing away. I don’t know if he could see me, but I didn’t care. Ally came closer to me, and then she walked into me.

                Terror filled her face when she looked up to see me. Realization washed over her when she saw how angry I was. She knew what I was going to do to Liam, even if he was one of my best friends.

                I told him. Ally was off limits.

                “Harry-” she placed a hand on my chest and tried to push me back.

                I point a finger at a frozen Liam. He knew what he did.

                “What do you think you’re doing?!” I yelled at him, slowly advancing. “What the fu-”

                “HARRY!” Ally screamed at me, cutting me off.

                I stopped in my tracks, angrily looking between her and Liam. “What?” I spat at her, now giving Liam a death glare. If looks could kill, he would be six feet under right now. And I would be okay with that.

                “Don’t you dare start! You need to stop trying to control me!” She took a deep breath. “You need to accept the fact that there was nothing you could have done to stop Damen.”

                “You bloody well know that there was something I could have done.” I snarled at her, remembering all of the secret plans I had for Damen. All those late nights, sitting in the hospital, unsure if Ally was going to make it another day, I had planned what I would do if I ever saw Damen again.

                “Really, Harry?! You would have killed him?” Ally asked, raising her voice. I looked over to Liam, but she grabbed my jaw and yanked me to face her. “You tried to talk to me, but I didn’t listen, did I? You need to realize that what happened to me was not your fault- it was mine!”

                She started crying and I tried to hug her, but she pushed me away.

                “No,” Ally shook her head. “You aren’t in charge of my life. You don’t get to choose who I’m friends with, or who I sit by at the movies! You need to cool down, Harry.” She stormed off down the hallway, running past Liam and towards our room.

                Was she right? Have I gone too far?


                She needed me to look after her.

                I may not have been able to protect her from Damen, but I would never let history repeat itself. I shifted my gaze over to Liam, who was standing in the middle of the hallway. He looked ashamed, terrified and slightly embarrassed. Embarrassed that his feelings were not returned? That he got caught?

                I pointed an accusing finger at him. “We are going to talk about this later.”




                I stood outside of our shared room, tears pouring uncontrollably down my face. I had so many emotions running through my mind, but one thing was sure- I was not going to spend another minute with Harry if I could help it.

                I whip the door open and gather up some pajamas from my untidy bed. I’m about to leave the room when I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. I pull it out, sitting down on my bed.

                Call From: Daddy

                I wipe my tears away and take a deep breath, not wanting to sound like I’ve been crying, and answer.

                “Hey, princess!” I hear my dad’s warm voice and I hold back more tears. There was nothing I wouldn’t give to have him give me a hug and tell me everything was alright.

                 I laughed as I heard Jake in the background, yelling about how his marshmallow had caught on fire. “Hi, daddy. How’s camping so far?”

                “Jake, be quiet! I’m talking to your sister!” Dad yelled at Jake and then answered my question. “Well, it’s been good so far. Jake hasn’t set fire to the tent yet, so that’s an improvement from last year. We’re making s’mores at the moment, and we’re really struggling. How are you?” He chuckled, and I didn’t bare take away the happiness in his voice by telling him how my day had really been.

                I cleared my throat. “Oh, it’s been good. Harry’s being his usual self.” This was partly true.

                “Jake!” Dad yelled to my brother again. “Jake, come talk to your sister!” I heard some shuffling as the phone was handed over. “And be nice!” Dad added, his voice now distant.

                “Hey, baby sister! I’ve missed you SO MUCH! Do you know how much I LOVE you! I can barely be apart from you; I’m dying here!” Jake laughed as he took Dad too seriously.

“Oh, Jake, how my days are so long without you by my side!” I played along. I truly treasured moments like these.

Jake dramatically sighed. “But as Van Gogh once said- absence makes the heart grow fonder!”

I let out a loud laugh, and I could hear Jake chuckling on the other end. Once we had calmed down, I heard the phone being passed over to dad again.

“And that’s Jake for you.” I heard dad state, and I could hear Jake faintly sing about love in the distance.

“I really miss you, dad.” I had to tell him. I had a feeling that it was necessary to tell him how much he meant to me.

“I really miss you, too, Ally.” He took a deep breath. “I love you, pumpkin. And don’t you ever forget that, alright?”

I smiled. “I love you, daddy. So much. Please get home safe?”

“I’ll do my very, very best. I’ll see you in two weeks.” I could feel the conversation come to a close, but I didn’t want it to end.

“Wait!” I practically yelled into the phone. “Tell Jake that I love him, too!”

Dad laughed and I heard him yell to Jake. “Jake! Ally says she loves you!” There is a pause, and then dad informs me of my brother’s response. “He says he loves you more than grilled cheese with onions and green chili.”

I smile widely, having learnt that my older brother loves me more than his favorite food.

Dad and I say our final goodbyes and I hang up. I gather up my pajamas again, this time slightly calmer than earlier. Having that short chat with my family really boosted my spirits.

I stepped out of the room and stood in the hallway.


Who’s room am I sleeping in tonight?

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