Only You {Book 1 completed}

Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also, we can't forget to mention the mysterious scar on her right shoulder. The scar that, when mentioned, had the ability to reduce Ally to tears. As Ally gets closer to Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, she finds herself doing things she had sworn off- letting loose, falling for someone, and revealing the scandal that she had tried to forget.
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13. Film Hopping

It took us a while to be able to pull Louis and Harry apart. Wait, let me rephrase that- it took us a while to be able to pull Louis off Harry. Louis kept screaming, “I’LL NEVER LET GO, JACK!”, and Harry just stood there, with his hands by his side. Finally, with Zayn and Liam pulling on Louis and Niall holding onto Harry, we were able to separate them.  

Auntie Anne and I followed the boys to the kitchen, both laughing at the bromance between Louis and Harry. We reached the kitchen, and we were faced with many piles of food. Harry spread out his arms, as if he was inviting us to go marvel at the array of food. Niall stood in shock for a few seconds before falling to the ground, bowing.  

“I AM NOT WORTHY!” Niall kept repeating as he bowed on his knees.  

Zayn and the others slowly approached the food and started touching it to make sure it was all really. We watch as Niall eventually gets up from his fatal position on the floor and begins exploring the food with the others, laughing at the boy’s faces of pure joy and wonder.  

“So,” I say, turning to Auntie Anne. “What’s all this food for, anyways? Have you become with one of those people who stock up for the impending zombie apocalypse?”  

She laughs and jokingly bumps my shoulder. “Actually, and I don’t really know how to tell you this, I’m going to be going on a cruise for the next two weeks with Robin. I got you all of this food so you guys didn’t starve.”  

 My gaze shifts over to the boys, who are now shoving as much food as possible into their mouths.  

“Yaay,” I cheer sarcastically. “It’s going to be us six, alone, with no one else, for two weeks.”  

“I’m sure El and Dani will come over from time to time!” Auntie Anne rubs my back comfortingly, as she did when I was younger.  

I wrap one arm around her and give her a side hug as I continue to watch the boys devour the food- I think they were now having a contest to see who could stuff the most Oreos in their mouth… looked like Zayn was winning. I looked over at Niall, who had given up on the contest part and was eating the Oreos happily off to the side.  

“I’m going to miss you, Auntie, and my sanity.” I groaned. She laughed and stepped back.

“Well, I’m leaving tonight, so I’ve got to pack! Oh, and please make sure that they boys do not do anything stupid! I trust you’ll keep the house from burning down while I’m away.” She gave me a quick peck on the forehead and walked towards her room. I walked over to the boys and watched them eat to their teenage heart’s desire.  

“You guys hungry?” I ask, amused. They all smile widely at me, graciously showing me all of the black, crushed cookies that filled their mouths and covered their teeth.   I walked into the kitchen and shuffled through the food that they hadn’t yet managed to find, trying to gather a proper meal. I was able to locate some microwavable macaroni and cheese, and I grabbed a bowl, filled it with water, dumped the noodles and sauce in, and stuck in the microwave. I leaned against the counter that was opposite the microwave, watching the boys eat whatever they could put their hands on.  

It was sickening, watching them eat like that. They probably didn’t even know what they were eating, all they needed to know was that it tasted relatively good, and it was edible. I decided to step in.    

“Guys- GUYS! You do realize that this food has to last two weeks? We have to ration what we eat!”  

They all stop eating and stare at me, slowly chewing and swallowing what was in their mouths. We stand there in silence, besides the hum of the microwave and the loud crunch of food. Suddenly, the microwave beeps loudly, scaring me slightly.   

Harry swings his arms around and claps them, trying to make this slightly less awkward. "So..." He begins, looking around at us. "What can we do today?"  

"Truth or Dare!" Louis suggests and we all agree. I grab my meal from the microwave and stir it around with my fork before placing it on the island, where the other boys had placed their food.   

I decide to start. "Zayn, truth or dare?" 

He looks over at me when he hears his name. "Uh, truth." The boys moan when he doesn't choose dare- they were probably hoping that they'd get to see Zayn do something stupid.  

"What's your secret talent?" I ask.  

He strokes him chin, looking off in the distance as he thinks. "I'm a power ranger."   

"Naw, don't lie, Zayn!" Niall interrupts. He turns to me. "Zayn can sing."  

I look at Zayn in shock. "Is that so?" He just shrugs and grabs more food to shove in his mouth.   

Louis turns to me next. "Truth or dare, Ally?"   

"Truth." I reply immediately, causing the boys to sigh again. "What's the craziest thing you've ever done?" It takes me a few seconds to think before I reply.

 "I skipped school once."  It had been a few years ago, when I was still dealing with the loss of my mother. They all stared at me with their mouths hanging open and their eyes wide.   

Louis snorts. "We've got a real party animal over here."  

Harry grabs my hand and starts pulling me out of the house. "Where are we going?" I ask him, as we step outside.  

"We're going to do something crazy."  

"But-" I try to complain, but Harry interrupts me.  

"Don't worry, it's nothing too crazy." He smirks at me, probably remembering all of the times I've chickened out of doing something slightly dangerous. Harry opens the car door for me, and I hesitantly step in.

"What are we doing?" I look back at the house and see the boys coming out as well. Harry walked around the car and hopped into the driver's side; he stuck the keys in ignition.  

"We're going film hopping." 


The drive to the theatres wasn't very long, and when we were halfway there, Harry had me call the boys to tell them where we had gone. I called Liam, and he told me that they wanted to come as well- I heard Louis yell into the phone that they wanted to witness me doing my first wreck less act.  

Harry, the boys and I were now standing in front of the ticket booth, and I was nervous. Also, I was excited.   We bought one ticket each to see The Avengers, and we walked into the showing room. Zayn and Niall had tried to sit with me originally, but I saw Harry whisper something to them, thus resulting in me sitting between the lover boys, Harry and Louis.   

When the film finished, and it was ace, I stood to leave when they all pulled me back down into my seat.   

"There's an extra part!" Zayn whispered loudly.   

We stayed after the long credits, and then there was a scene of the characters eating loudly. It wasn't that exciting. We left the theatre, and looked at the poster on either sides of the hallway.   

"Which movie next?" Niall posed the question we had all been thinking. Louis pointed to the end of the hall, where the older films were.

"HUNGER GAAAMES!" He raised his fist and started running. We followed lazily, and saw that this showing had started 30 minutes ago. We walked in, and were greeted by a completely packed room. I scanned the rows for empty seats, and saw two sets of three empty seats next to each other. I pointed it out to the boys, and Harry and Louis escorted me to one set, leaving Zayn, Niall, and Liam to the other set.   

I frowned, realizing that Harry and Louis have been keeping me away from the other boys. We sat in silence, watching the rest of the movie, and I have to admit that a few tears escaped when Rue died. Applause filled the room when the screen went black, and I reached into my pocket to turn my phone on. When I saw my lock screen, I notice I had a text message.

From: Auntie                    

I see that you and the boys have gone off- just wanted to let you know that I'll be leaving at 4 to go on the cruise! Sorry I couldn't say goodbye properly and I hope you all have a great time!

I love you, and tell that to Harry too.   

I looked at the time- it was 4:30. I groaned, realizing that I was now, officially, left alone with six teenage boys for two whole weeks. Harry stood up and reached out his hand for me. I sighed and he pulled me up.  

"Your mum's gone- she left thirty minutes ago."   

Harry grabbed his phone and looked at his screen. "Yeah I've got a text from her as well." We left the room, meeting the boys at the door. I was about to ask them if we should see another when I voice from the shadows startled me.  

 "Could I see your tickets?" I turned around and saw a theatre employee. I stepped back, bumping into Liam.   "Tickets?" the man repeated, inching forward. They boys were looking at each other, panicking silently, when Louis ran.  

"THEY'RE ON TO US!" he screams as he runs away, arms flailing above him. We stare at the man for another second, who looks slightly amused, slightly annoyed, and then chase after Louis.  

I run to Harry's car but I see that Louis is already on the passenger seat. I tap on the windows, but he ignores me. I look around; trying to find the car, the others came in. Adrenaline pumps through my veins and my heart is about to leap out of my chest. Could I be arrested for this?   

Harry jumps in the driver's side and pulls out, leaving me there. I was about to yell at him when another car pulled up to me and Zayn popped out. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled my into the car. The door was pulled shut behind us and I yelp when I fall on top of Zayn in the middle row of the van. I shyly look into his sparkling eyes, our faces inches apart, and a soft smile playing at his lips. In the row behind us, Niall coughs and I jump up into the sitting position, nervously pulling my curly hair over my right shoulder.   

We reach home at around 5, and by then we were all talking about what a laugh Louis had been when we were caught. I also noticed a trend- Niall was, once again, complaining of hunger. I would have told him to shut it, but I was hungry also.  

"Ally! I need FOOD!" Niall groaned to me from the couch. I laughed at him, but I secretly knew his pain.

"Harry! I'm going to order some pizza!" I yelled to my cousin from the kitchen, searching the drawers for the takeout number. As the phone was ringing, I yelled asking the boys what they wanted.  

"Cheese!"   "Pepperoni!"   "Veggie!"   "Barbecue!"   "MEAT!"   The demands came at me like bullets and I struggled to remember them all. When the monotone voice came on the other end, I panicked and order what came to mind. "Can I have five large pizzas, one cheese, one pepperoni, one veggie, one barbecue, for the last one- just do your pizza with the most meat."   

The man on the other line struggled to scribble them all down correctly, when once he repeated back to me the correct order, he told me it would be here in 20 minutes. I thanked him and hung up. "PIZZA WILL BE HERE IN TWENTY MINUTES!"  

Niall cheered from the couch and the others came running when they heard that they were being fed. While we waited for the pizzas, we decided to watch a movie. However, this time, we opted for a comedy instead of a thriller. Harry rummaged through his selection of DVDs and pulled out one that made him smile. He showed it around to us. "Bridesmaids? I don't think I've seen that one." I state nonchalantly.   

The boys, in turn, gasp in shock. Harry grimaces disapprovingly and puts the movie in the player. Twenty minutes later, the pizza arrives and I pay the deliveryman, who is struggling to carry all five large pizzas. I carry them to the family room and dump them on the table, causing a moment of silent appreciation to ripple through the boys. Niall broke the silence.  

"You got us FIVE LARGE pizzas? I bloody love you."  

With the silence broken, the boys attack the pizzas, ripping the boxes open and shoving pizza in their mouth. I, luckily, was able to sneak a few pieces of pizza away from the table. All the food was gone by 6.They were all leaning back on the couches, rubbing their stomachs and groaning. I press play, and we can hardly contain our laughter throughout the movie- especially at the dress fitting part. When that scene came rolling around, I had to pause it so that the boys could let it out of their systems.  



"Oh my God, that was perfect!"  

It only took them a few minutes to calm down, and they asked me to continue the movie. It finished, and we kept quoting our favourite bits- Louis made it quite clear that he loved the Lava part. We had lapsed into another fit of silence, and I looked at the clock. How was I already 10? We must have been talking a long time.  

I stood up and arched my back, stretching. I clapped to get their attention. "Good night, guys, I'm going to head off to bed now." I walked down the hallway towards Harry's room and behind me I heard Louis still snickering about lava. Great- one day down, just two more weeks to go.

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