Only You {Book 1 completed}

Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also, we can't forget to mention the mysterious scar on her right shoulder. The scar that, when mentioned, had the ability to reduce Ally to tears. As Ally gets closer to Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, she finds herself doing things she had sworn off- letting loose, falling for someone, and revealing the scandal that she had tried to forget.
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19. Everyone knows


Zayn’s P.O.V

I walk out of Niall’s room, completely furious. I was so blinded with anger that I hardly notice when I bump into Liam.

“Oh, sorry mate.” He apologies, and I notice how flustered he looks.

“Are you alright?” I ask him. “You look really… distant.”

Liam shakes his head and gives me a quick smile. “I’m alright.”

I give a grunt and turn to head off to my room when he stops me. “But are you alright, Zayn?”

I turn to look at him. How could I tell him? How could I say out loud that I had feelings for Ally, my best friend’s cousin? A cousin who I’ve been told many times is off limits. I could hardly mutter an answer.

“I’m fine.” I say through gritted teeth, the image of Niall stroking Ally’s cheek still ringing in my mind.

“No, you’re not. I can tell when you’re lying.” He steps forward, putting a gently hand on my shoulder. “Whatever it is, you can tell me.”

I take a deep breath. “Ally slept with Niall last night.”

“What?!” Liam practically yells, looking completely shocked.

I stare at him for a second, and then realize what I said sounded wrong. “It wasn’t like that.”

Liam sighed, but was quick to pick up on the displeasure that still seeped through my voice. “If nothing happened, why are you so mad?”

“Because,” I paused. “Because, I like Ally. A lot.”



Liam’s P.O.V

I stood there, probably looking like an idiot. Zayn stared at me, waiting for my response. He raised his eyebrows, as he does when he’s impatient, and ran his fingers through his hair.

Well, what was I supposed to say?

Zayn tells me that he likes Ally, and then basically tells me that Niall does, too. And just last night I told her that I liked her also. I couldn’t say to Zayn that this was going to end up okay, because this was all too much of a mess. How were we going to sort this out?

I was about to respond when Ally sheepishly walks out of Niall’s room. My throat catches when I see her, her brown hair spiraling down her back.

“Gonna take a shower.” She whispers and scoots past us, heading towards Anne’s bedroom.

I tear my eyes off of her and turn to Zayn, who is still gazing after her. I cough and he turns back to me, blushing slightly.

“It’ll all work out in the end.” I say, and he seems slightly relieved by these words. He saunters off to his room, and I wonder how he would feel if he knew what I had just promised him was a complete lie.



Harry’s P.O.V

I slowly opened my eyes, dreading the day ahead. I could already imagine the awkward moment with Ally and the horrible glances I would get from Niall and Zayn. I knew that they fancied her. But they know that, if they treasured their manhood, they wouldn’t get close to her.

I sat up, and realized that I wasn’t alone in the room. At the bottom of my bed, sat a cross Louis.

“Would you mind clarifying Ally?” What he said was a request, but it sounded more like a demand.

I straightened up in my bed and slipped on a spare shirt that was on the floor. “You want me to clarify Ally?”

“Yes! Ally’s past! Clarify! Now!” He swung his legs up on the bed and crossed him legs.

I looked down at my lap and began to tell him everything- her first boyfriend, the abuse, and that one fateful day a year ago when I found her lying, in her own blood, in a back alley.

Words could not describe the pain on Louis face when he numbly stood up and left my room.



Louis’ P.O.V

How could someone do that? To Ally of all people! I clenched my fists, digging my nails into my palms, and staggered out of Harry’s room. What he told me, what happened to Ally, it was horrific. It was terrible. It was inhumane. Only a monster could have done that to her.

I push open my door and throw myself on the bed. I cover my face with my hands and fight to urge to scream. I wanted to punch something; if I ever saw that monster-

There was a knock on the door and I looked up to see Eleanor. I struggle to mask the anger that was no doubt written clearly across my face.

She enters cautiously, sitting down next to me. “What happened?”

“You’re going to have to be more specific. There’s been a lot going on lately.” I state blandly, trying me best to hold back my emotions.

El nods, being her usual, understanding self. “Why did Ally run out of the restaurant?”

“Ally… a few years back she started going out with this guy, Damen. From what she told me, everything was fine at first, but then he snapped.” I was barely able to get the words out. “At the restaurant, she saw someone who looked like him.”

El looked like she was thinking hard, and I scooted over to her and wrapped my arm around her waist.

“What happened between them? What makes her so afraid of him?” She continued to push me for answers.

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” I state, my imagination running wild. I kept imagining what Ally looked like, drenched in blood, unconscious in a dirty alley. “Ask Harry.”

Luckily, Eleanor knew me well enough to know when I was done with a conversation. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and got up, leaving me alone in my room.

I’ve only known Ally for a couple of days, and I wanted to rip that monster’s head off. Harry has known her since birth.

What would he do if he ever saw Damen again?



Eleanor’s P.O.V

I stepped out of Louis’ room, hoping that he would be okay. I saw his mind wander a couple of times, and he looked completely furious. What had happened to Lexi that made him so mad?

I go into Harry’s room across the way and don’t bother to knock. I see him lounging on his bed, his face in his pillows.

“Harry!” I yell, and he jumps up. “Tell me what’s going on!”

I must have shouted a bit too loud, because the door creaked open and everyone comes in, excluding Lexi and Louis.

“Yeah, what’s going on, Haz?” Danielle asks, gripping Liam’s hand. He looked uneasy and nervous, probably worried about Lexi. “I nearly had a heart attack when Lexi ran out crying!”

We all sat down on the beds and I turned to body to face Harry, who was standing between the two beds. He paused for a short while, trying to put it all together in his head. He looked up at us and began.

“A couple of years ago, Ally met Damen, and everything was great. He was an alright lad. Then, they went to a party, or something like that, and Ally told me that a guy kept trying to pull her- that’s around the time when I noticed Damen change. I rarely ever saw her after that; he was always keeping her away from her friends and family. But I didn’t abandon Ally as Damen hoped I would. I kept an eye on her, and I noticed how, everyday, she looked weaker and weaker. This went on for a couple of months, and then, about a year ago, Ally left him.” Harry paused and looked at the floor. “But I wasn’t watching over her that day. It took me ages to find her.” His voice caught and I saw tears threatening to burst. “And when I did, it was in a dirty alleyway. As I got closer, I saw that she had been stabbed.” There was a collective gasp between the five of us, and I felt my heart rip.

This is what she’d been hiding from us? Why hadn’t she told us? Was it out of shame? Or did she think that she was strong enough to deal with it on her own?

And of all people, it had to happen to our sweet, shy Lexi. I had to remind myself that this was part of fate, or God’s plan. I had to hope that this would lead to better days.

Not daring to break the silence, Dani, Liam, Zayn and Niall got up and left the room quietly. I stayed behind, wanting a word with Harry.

He sits down next to me, the duvet crumpling beneath him.

“I understand why you’re so protective over her.” I whisper, and Harry looks over at me curiously. “But do you really believe that Zayn or Niall would do that sort of thing to her?” I gestured to where he stood just a minute ago, explaining Lexi’s past to us.

“What are you on about?” Harry mutters, and I know that he realizes exactly what I’m talking about.

“Lexi told me.” I remembered back to our shopping trip yesterday. We’d been talking about the boys and Lexi mentioned what happened at the theatre. “Lexi told us that you wouldn’t let any of the boys sit next to Lexi, except you and Louis.”

Harry didn’t dare look at me, keeping his eyes trained on the wall opposite him.

“Do you honestly think that Niall and Zayn, two of your best mates, would ever do that to her? To you? Geez, Harry- she’s almost an adult! You need to trust her to make her own choices. Sure, you can step in if she makes a bad decision, but how would you ever know if she able to make good or bad decisions if you never let her.” I stood up and straightened my clothes. I turned back to Harry. “All she wants is a little independence.”

Giving him a gently pat on the shoulder, I walk out of the room, still torn inside from what I had learned earlier. What sort of a person would do that to Lexi?

And deep down, I thanked Harry for trying to protect Lexi to the best of his ability.



Zayn's P.O.V

I stepped out of Harry’s room, still processing what happened to Ally. How could someone have the capacity to do that to her? How could he sleep with himself at night, knowing that she trusted and loved him, and yet he abandoned her on the brink of life and death?

What did she think of the male population now? Is that why I haven’t been able to get through to her?

I vowed to myself that I would change Ally’s mind. Not everyone is bad.

I would never do anything to hurt her.



Niall’s P.O.V

As I walked out of the room, I tried to process all the information. Damen, her ex-boyfriend, stabbed her. He almost killed her. He probably wanted to kill her- that’s why he left her to bleed out.

The thought of someone wanting to even hurt Ally filled me with rage. How could he do that? Did he realize how amazing she was? The way her face shines whenever she smiles, how everyone is automatically happier when Ally walks into a room. Ally deserved better. She deserves to be treated like a princess.

And that’s what I plan on doing.



Liam’s P.O.V

I have to choose.

I have been with Danielle for so long, but nothing that I felt for her compared to what I feel when I’m with Ally.

I have to choose.

The girl I’ve been with the longest, or the girl I love the most?



Ally’s P.O.V

I wrap the warm towel around my torso and I climb out of Auntie Anne’s shower. I stare at the foggy mirror, tempting me to sneak a peek. I knew it would only make me sad, but I felt like I had to look at it. I had to remember all the pain it caused me so that I didn’t make the same mistake again.

Leaning forward, I wipe away the condensation from the mirror and am left with my own reflection.

My dark hair was swept back, revealing my bare shoulder. I slowly shift my gaze to the pink scar that runs from the middle of the right side of my neck, down to my collarbone.

I gently trace my finger down the line, remembering the feeling of the knife sinking into my skin and digging its way down my flesh. I remember the sound of the knife dropping to the ground, and the way his feet sounded on the damp pavement as he ran away. I remember how I fell to the ground, too weak to even stand.

I remember how it felt to be left alone as the life was drained out of me.

I dropped my hand and looked up so I was staring myself in the eyes. My bright, green eyes that were so much like Harry’s.

I remember how they were the last thing I saw before I passed out in the alley, and how they were the first thing I saw when I woke up in the hospital.

He was only trying to protect me. That’s why he was so overbearing. I continued to look into my eyes, imagining how Harry feels when he sees me.

He told me a while ago that he used to watch out for me, to make sure that Damen didn’t do anything to me. Harry also told me that, on the day of the assault, he had not been keeping an eye on me. There was no doubt that he blamed himself. He probably thought that, if he had been there, he could have stopped Damen. And he’s right. But that doesn’t mean that it’s his fault that it happened.

I could have left Damen at any time before that, but I didn’t. I could have stayed in a public place, but I didn’t. I could have stayed with him, but I didn’t.

But Harry, being the over protective cousin, puts all the blame on himself.

As I continue to think from Harry’s perspective, I come to the understanding of why he did all the things he did. He wants to protect me, and I should be lucky that at I have at least one person around that cares about me.

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