Only You {Book 1 completed}

Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also, we can't forget to mention the mysterious scar on her right shoulder. The scar that, when mentioned, had the ability to reduce Ally to tears. As Ally gets closer to Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, she finds herself doing things she had sworn off- letting loose, falling for someone, and revealing the scandal that she had tried to forget.
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15. Damen

I woke up with a foot in my face. I hastily shoved it away and heard someone groan from the other side of the bed. I sat up, surveying the scene before me. Zayn was sprawled out on the right side of the bed, Niall lying on top of him, and Louis and Harry were stretched across the bottom of the bed. I looked for Liam and found him on the floor to my right. I pulled my legs out of the covers and walked out of the room, careful not to disturb anyone.

I made my way downstairs, heading directly for the kitchen. I pulled out some bread, eggs and cinnamon and cranked on the stove- I was craving French Toast. I started making breakfast enough for us all, because I knew that the boys would be up soon. I started making the food, and got into rhythm- grab bread, cover in eggs and cinnamon, place on frying pan, put on plate. Before I knew it, it was 10:30 and I had a huge stack of French Toast on a platter. I pulled out six plates and laid them out on the table, then went back to the kitchen to grab the toast. I put it in the centre of the table and grabbed a few pieces for my growling stomach.  

I was about to sit down and start eating when I remembered syrup. You should never forget syrup. I went back to the fridge and grabbed the essential ingredient. I began to eat when Niall walked down.   “Hey, Nialler.” I welcomed him as he lazily shuffled into the dining area.  

“Smelled food.” He mumbled as he slowly pulled out a chair and grabbed a handful of toast. He squinted as he looked at me, and waved his hand at my plate.  

“Tired?” I laughed at him. Niall moaned and waved again.

“Give syrup.” I pushed the carton over the table to him and he popped the top off, drowning his toast in the liquefied sugar. Not bothering the use his fork, he shoved the sticky food into his mouth. Needless to say, his full plate was cleared in a few minutes. After he finished eating, he leaned back in his chair, moaning and licking his fingers.  

“Good?” I asked, intrigued.  

He moaned again. “Now I see that Harry’s cooking ability is genetic.” I nod, proud of the fact that my cooking was compared to Harry’s. Harry was an amazing cook, and if he was cooking breakfast, it would have been a lot more creative than French Toast.  

“I’m going to go wake up the boys before you eat everything.” I stand up and walked upstairs with my eyes closed; I had walked up these steps so many times in my life- there were 17 steps to get to the top floor. I opened the door to the bedroom, and opened my eyes to find Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam still passed out on my bed. I sit down on Harry’s bed and stare at them, trying to think of the best way to wake them. Then, I decide that simpler is better. I get up and lean over the boys. “BREAKFAST IS READY!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

As I predicted, they leaped up and ran to the kitchen. I heard them downstairs, battling over the food. I smiled and realized that this was probably my only chance to be alone today, so I decided to shower and change. I walked into the closet that we shared and was once again shocked at how massive it was. I walked over to my side and looked over my clothes, finally deciding on a t-shirt and a pair of rolled up skinny jeans. It was a drastic change from the bright sun-dress I had on yesterday, but I like to change every so often.  

I took the clothes with me to the en-suite and took a quick shower, making sure not to look in the mirror when I walked out. I dried my hair, pulling it over my right shoulder and let my natural curls form. I slipped into my clothes and walked downstairs. The sound of the boys arguing over the last piece of French Toast drifted up to me and I smirked.    

I came into the dining area, the boys glanced at me walking over to them before turning back to the food. Before any of them could react, I came up to the table and snatched the last piece off of the plate and shoved it in my mouth. They looked at me in shock at what I had just done, but I saw Niall smiling admirably at me. During my time with him, I have learned that he 1) loves food, and 2) loves people who love food. I guess I was one of his favourite people at the moment.  

The boys continued to look at me, and I looked down at my bare feet, blushing. “What? I was hungry.” I said quietly, glancing up at them. Louis shrugged. “I guess we’re just not that used to seeing a girl who isn’t afraid to eat like a total pig in front of us.”

“Hey! I don’t eat like a pig!” I shove Louis and the boys stop staring at me; they each go on to their own distractions- Liam was texting, Niall had gone to the kitchen to look for more food, Zayn was fixing his bed hair with the reflection on his phone, and Louis and Harry were talking about giraffes.

“Ally,” Liam speaks up. “Dani and El were wondering if you would like to go shopping with them today.” He locks his phone and looks up at me for my answer.

“Yes!” I answer immediately, excited that I would finally become better friends with them. Liam goes back to his phone, probably telling Dani that I had agreed. I go back upstairs and decide that, because I’m actually going out today, I should change my shirt. At the moment, I was wearing my dad’s ‘Old Guys Rule’ shirt that he let me borrow, and I was pretty sure that this wasn’t suitable for being seen in public.    

I ventured back into our closet and grabbed a simple, green shirt with white polka dots and a small brown belt around the waist.  It wasn’t too dressy, but not as ratty as dad’s old shirt. I slipped on the new top along with a yellow scarf, completing my outfit. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I grab some mascara from my bag and apply a little bit; I didn’t really need it, but I was just sitting around, doing nothing, so I thought ‘what the heck’. I sit down on Harry’s clean, tidy bed and slip on some tan, leather flats.

As I waited for the girls to get here, I let my mind wander. Were they going to like me? Was this whole thing going to be really awkward? When we had spent time together at school, it was fine, but that was mostly because we had the boys around the ease the tension. I knew the boys, but I didn’t know Danielle and Eleanor. But the boys like them, so they must be pretty amazing. Heck, Louis and Liam are dating them!    

“Ally, they’re here!” I hear Liam yelling up to where I was, followed by the sounds of the girls talking downstairs. I jump up and grab my purse from the dresser and rush downstairs. Harry is waiting for me at the bottom, holding something behind his back. When I reach him, he pulls the credit card into view.    

“Have fun.” Is all my cousin says to me as he shoves the card in my direction before walking away. I smile down at the small piece of plastic in my hand and I remind myself to thank Harry for fueling my love for shopping later. I look over to El and Dani, who are waiting for me by the door. “Hey!” I say, walking over to them.      

They greet me with smiles and hugs, telling me how excited they are for finally hanging out with me.   We left the house, giving the boys one last goodbye and walked towards Dani's car. "So, where to first?" I ask. El turns to me in the back from her position in the passengers seat.

"Well, Dani and I absolutely love Lucky Brand and Anthropology, so we were hoping that we could go there." El looks at me hopefully, tucking a stray piece of her brown hair behind her ear. I smile widely.

"I love those stores, too!" Dani squeals from the drivers side and starts the car, pulling onto the street. "This is going to be so much fun!" she says. As we drove to the shops, we started listening to the radio and talking about ourselves. I learned that we had a lot in common- taste in music, favourite films, what we liked to do in our spare time, even our favourite iPhone app.  

"You have to give me your Twitter username!" Eleanor begged when we both confessed our love for Twitter at the same time.  

"It's @Alex_Hylton94. What's yours?" I ask as I whip out my phone and pull up the app. 

"@EleanorJCalder. And Dani's is  @DaniellePeazer." El paused. "You got it, love?" I took a second to find them, and when I did, I gave El a thumbs up. After a few more minutes, we arrived at the shopping outlet and climbed out of the car, anticipating the amazing time we were going to have. We speed walked to Lucky Brand, Dani and I giggling as we watch El struggling in her heals. We managed to make it into the shop without breaking any bones, and we ventured around the many racks of clothing.   

After about 30 minutes gathering clothes, we went to the back of the shop to the dressing rooms to try them on. We had a right laugh when we staged a fashion show with the clothes, and I could feel a tight bond forming between the three of us. When we were done with Lucky Brand, we paid and left with our multiple bags.   

We blowed through a couple of other stores, collecting ever more clothes, and we found ourselves in Anthropology at around 1:30. We were doing another fashion show when El got a text. "Hey, girls- hold on. Louis' just texted me... 'Liam and I were wondering if you three wanted to meet up for lunch.'" She read the text to us before looking up from her screen.  

I nodded, still smiling from the ridiculous dress Dani was wearing, and Dani agreed also. I could see a new sparking come to her eyes when she heard her boyfriend's name, and I suddenly became jealous. Was I ever going to find a boy who treated me right? With my track record...   I stopped myself immediately as soon as his name began to form in my mind. I couldn't think about him. Not here; not now.   

We finished up in Anthropology and carried our bags to the car that was parked outside. We jumped in, glad to be out of the chilly weather. Louis texted El again, telling us the place we were going to meet them. We reached the destination in a few short minutes, and Liam and Louis greeted us inside.

They guided us to Where they had already been seated and for some reason I felt very uncomfortable here. There was something about this place that reminded me of bad memories. And all those bad memories were with him. My heart started beating faster and my head was pounding. I felt my eyes fill with tears as my anxiety started. I began to tap my feet and wring my hands, trying to get rid of the bad memories that were streaming through my mind. This was bad. There was too much here that reminded me of him.

El was the first to notice. "Ally, love, are you okay?! You look really ill." All the others directed their attention to me, but I could hardly notice. He was everywhere. I stood up quickly from my chair, looking around in a panic. His eyes. His laugh. His hair. He was all around me, I could see a little bit of him in every person here. The tears started streaming down my face and I ran out of the restaurant, no doubt catching the attention of the other patrons.   

I made my way out onto the busy street, people knocking into me left and right. I managed to get away and hide in an abandoned alleyway, cowering behind a dumpster. I began to sob, letting out every repressed emotion I ever had whenever someone asked me about that damn scar. "Ally!" I heard Louis yelling out in the streets. "Ally, where are you?!" He was getting closer.   

I tried to shrink back into the wall, not wanting to be found. I was vulnerable. I was breakable. I knew that, if he asked, I wouldn't be able to build up my brick wall anymore. If he asked, I wouldn't be able to hide the truth. I held my breath and waited for him to walk past the alley, but, with my luck, Louis manages to find me. I close my eyes and let out a whimper when Louis kneels down next to me and places a hand on my arm. "What happened in there? Got me worried sick."   

"He was everywhere." Oh god. I couldn't stop myself. I had to tell someone.

Louis sat down next to me, concern clear in his eyes. "Who was everywhere?"  

I didn't answer, instead letting a cry escape my lips. He put his head in his hands. "Ally, please tell me. You're like my sister, and it hurts me to know that someone could scare you this much."

"Damen." When I said his name, that vile, insolent, horrible creature's name, I couldn't help but replay that terrible night over and over again in my head.  

"What did Damen do to you?" Louis asked, straight to the point. I looked up at Louis with my blurry eyes, making sure he was paying full attention. I didn't want to repeat this again- ever. "He tried to kill me."  

(Here is what Ally was wearing :

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