Only You {Book 1 completed}

Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also, we can't forget to mention the mysterious scar on her right shoulder. The scar that, when mentioned, had the ability to reduce Ally to tears. As Ally gets closer to Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, she finds herself doing things she had sworn off- letting loose, falling for someone, and revealing the scandal that she had tried to forget.
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30. Bottomless pit

Tears were streaming out of my sore, red eyes. All I could think of was that horrible image of Liam. He just lay on the floor, lifeless, eyes shut, and maybe they were never to open again. I let a few more tears escape at the thought. Then I remembered all the scarlet blood on Niall and Zayn’s hands. The way Niall’s face had gone red from screaming at him to wake up. I just could control my emotions.

I couldn’t help but think this was all my fault. All of this was because of me. If I would let Damen kill me that night, in the alleyway, I wouldn’t have caused anyone hurt. Liam would still be walking around happy and cheerily, still with his girlfriend Dani. None of the boys would have encountered such an event. However, they did and it was all because of me.

I was knocked out of my thoughts, when I heard thunder strike again. I looked down. My shoes were just scraping on the rough wood ground. I gave up trying to be freed, and even if I’d wanted to fight back, I’d be too weak. I didn’t just give up at random though. I had hope within me, that Harry had meant what he said. That Harry would defiantly bring me back home. Mainly, back to Liam.

 Damen still wrapped his arm around my torso, tightly. I stared at his hands, his big, bloody, murdering hands. What was his problem? What did he want to do with me now? Moreover, why did I fall in love with him in the first place?

Harry’s P.O.V

We were all at hospital. I sunk my head low, re-playing the events of what just happened. My best mate in the hospital, Ally taken away by that, jerk. What else could go wrong? I mean, everything was fine until yesterday. What happened?

There were loads of things going on in my mind now, but most off all, how was I going to get Ally back? God, knows where Damen must have took her. I mentally slapped myself. How could I let her go? The image of her face remained in front of my eyes. Her last words were “Harry, please! Don’t let him take me!” Well, what was I supposed to do? If I’d try and save her there and then, he would have slit her throat, he’d already proved he can do anything. I mean just take a look at Liam.

 Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the doctor approaching.

 “Anyone here for Mr Payne?” The doctor spoke, looking above the golden rim of his glasses. Myself, Zayn and Lou stood up, and walked towards him.

I looked back at Niall over my shoulder. He slumped his back against the blue hospital walls, holding his head in his hands and occasionally racking his fingers through his hair. The poor lads face was proper pink and you could see tear marks across his chubby cheeks. A lot was going through his head. Everyone had a lot going on. However, he was the closest to Liam. They were like brothers, need not to say that today, we all felt that we were.

“What is it, doctor?” Zayn asked.

“Well, Mr Payne seems to have suffered quite an injury. He was stabbed in his chest, quite deep and had also lost a lot of blood.” He looked back down at his clipboard and spoke again. “The stab was a near miss of the heart, so I am happy to say he is not dead. However...”

My ears perked up. However? “However, what?” I asked, urging him on.

“Mr Payne seems to be in coma. We cannot tell how long his comma will last for, but we do know that he is aware of everything that you are saying to him.” With that, the doctor left. Leaving us to absorb all the information that he’d left us.

“Coma?” Niall sobbed, looking up in our direction. I went over to comfort him.

“Wait, doctor!” Louis called out, making the doctor hurry back to where he was standing before.

“Yes sir?” He asked, a bit startled.

“When can we go see our mate?” Lou asked, his eyes starting to fill with tears.

“Right. In fact, you can go see him now. Just don’t make too much noise.” The doctor said, and then walked away again.

“Come on Niall.” I said whilst trying to lift him up. “Let’s go see Liam.” Niall got up, with his shaking legs, using my shoulder for support. God, this boy was so beat up inside. Everyone followed me in, where Liam lay. Silent, pale faced and still.

Damen’s P.O.V

I did it! I finally had my Ally back. Just as well, it seems as though she really missed me. She’s not even trying to fight back. God knows what those boys were doing to her. I mean she’s mine, and when someone or something is mine, I do whatever I want to it.

I took her deep into the woods. In there, was this old broken down stone cottage, that was covered in vines. It was dark out do it wasn’t that visible in the dim light. I looked down at Ally; she was staring at my hands.

“Miss me?” I asked her.

“Never!” she replied harshly. I gripped onto her tighter, so tight that she actually gasped, to hold her breath in.

“I said, did you miss me?!” I asked one again, raising my voice.

“I said, NEVER!” she spat out.

“Aww, I missed you to.” I whispered stroking her cheek with my spare hand that had the knife in. She flinched and tried to move away. Just as well, my grip was tight.

“Leave me alone. What do you want with me anyway?” I laughed. As I kicked, open the wooden door of the old cottage. I lead her inside, and plopped her down.

I turned to lock the door.

“Have you forgotten already?” I asked her amused. She can’t have forgotten. “That night I said I would come after you, and now here I am. With you.” I said the last bit in a whisper.

“But why?” she continued to push me for answers. I kneeled down beside her, and put my face inches away from hers. She squirmed but stayed in her place.

“Because I love you, Alex. All I want is for you to be with me and do whatever I ask of you.” I said in a husky voice.

“Love me? If you’d loved me, you would have given me this and stab my freaking boyfriend!” she said shouting straight at my face, and revealing a big scar on her right shoulder.

“Ah. You still have that little present I’d given you.” I said tracing the mark that was on her bare shoulder.

“Present?” she asked confused. I swear, sometimes this girl was dumb.

“I gave you this so you’d remember me. So I would always be on your mind.” I said scooting closer to her, but this time she moved back. Then I remember she said I stabbed her boyfriend. So that’s who he was.

“As for you pathetic little boyfriend, he should know not to mess with my girl.” I said scooting more closely to her. She moved back but her back hit a wall and she was trapped. I always liked them trapped.

“I’m not you girl!” she said though gritted teeth. Her face went from angry to scared, as soon as she found out there was nowhere else she could move to.

“Oh, but you are.” I said with a smug. “Now, kiss me!” I ordered. Alex pulled a face and moved her face away from mine as I leaned in closer.

“KISS ME!” I shouted in her face, but all she did was move her face further away from mine.

Then I had an idea. I always get everything I want. I pulled out the knife, wiped it with a cloth and showed it to her.

“I said kiss me.” I said though gritted teeth. Her eyed widened, as soon as she saw the knife. She then looked at me with, with her watery eyes.

“Oh please! None of that is going to work on me. You out of all people should know that. I get what I want when I want it. NOW, KISS ME!” I sneered. I was really getting irritated now. I haven’t seen her for ages, all I want is a kiss and she won’t give, it.

“Never!” she whispered, with tears spilling out of her eyes.

“Very well then.” I leaned the knife again her neck and shoulder. She closed her eyes at the cold touch the shiny metal gave of.

“Is that you final answer.” I said giving her another chance. She said nothing but closed her eyes more tightly, so that more drops of tears ran down her cheeks.

Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance. I went in a cut deeply by her neck. Alex flinched in pain, and raised her ands to comfort it. However, I grasped her hands with my free hand and continued cutting her skin. I could have killed her, but I didn’t. I still needed my kiss off her. Therefore, after cutting her a bit I stood up in front of her and sighed happily.

“You have no idea, how I missed doing that.” I said smiling. I smelled the sweet blood of the knife and sighed happily once more. “The first time I cut you – in that alleyway- was just the best moment of my life.” I looked at her, still whimpering in pain. “I got addicted after that, so tried it on other people, but it just wasn’t the same. I needed you.” I said.

Niall’s P.O.V

My best mate – like my brother- was in hospital. The girl I loved, was kidnapped by her psycho ex-boyfriend, and I was all week. I should have stopped Damen when he came launching at Liam. I should have stood in front of him and protect him. I should have protected Ally. I did nothing.

I kneeled beside the bed that Liam lay in. I’ve never seen him so, place and still. Li was always so happy, chirpy and responsible. I looked towards the heart monitor. At least he is not dead, I thought as the slow but steady heart beats beeped.

I looked over to Harry, standing by the door. He was in as much of a state as I was in. Poor lad. His cousin that he’d been protecting for year was now kidnapped and his mate was in hospital. He was on his own to look after her, because his mum had gone on cruise. Ally’s dad and bro on camping, and they know nothing about her being kidnapped. They would be torn. I wouldn’t let them find out.

I looked towards Louis and Zayn. They were both in the hospital chairs, with their head hind down. Suddenly Louis came over to the other side of Liam.

“Come on Li Li. Wake up. We need you here. Ally needs you here.” He whispered whilst taking his hand, and tears rolling out of his eyes.

“Liam, please wake up. I know you can hear us. Please wake up. We need you.” I sobbed as I took his hair out of his face. There was still no response. He just lay there motionless.

Liam’s P.O.V

Where was I? All I could see was pitch black, my body was aching and I didn’t know where I was. Suddenly I heard some voices. Who was that?

“Come on Li Li. Wake up. We need you here. Ally needs you here.” Who was that? I sounded like someone I knew. Who called me Li Li? Louis!

“Liam, please wake up. I know you can hear us. Please wake up. We need you.” There was another voice, but this time it was different. It was an Irish accent. Niall!

I had to them, I had to see my mates. I tired waking up, but I just couldn’t. I didn’t have the power to. Every time I tried, I would fall back in the bottomless black pit again.

“Guy’s, Liam is safe now, and I hope for God’s sake he gets better soon, but what about Ally? Ally? What did he mean by I was safe now? Why was he implying that Ally wasn’t safe? Nothing could happen to my Ally. Nothing.

“We have to go looking for her, Harry. Don’t worry. Police are already on the case, but you know how it is with them.” I heard yet another voice. Therefore, it was Harry, who was talking about Ally. He was here too!

“Don’t worry Bradford bad boy, is going to find her.” The same voice spoke again. Bradford Bad Boy? Zayn! Zayn was here. But why were they talking about finding her? What happened to my Ally?

Then the memories came flooding back. The way Ally ran to the car, after the fair. Her face terrified. The sound of the thunderstorm and Damen bursting in dripping wet. The knife shining in his hand. The way Ally clutched onto me, and then she ran in the kitchen. Damen was going to after her. I had to stop him, so I launched myself at him. Instead of preventing him to go after her, I caused myself to get hurt and give him way to get to her. How could I? I should have been stronger.

I had to wake up and recover fast to save her. I tried to wake up, but each time I kept falling back down, into the bottomless pit. Don’t worry Ally I will save you, if I die doing it or not.

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