Criminal Minds Fan Fiction.

I know Criminal Minds is a TV show but I wanted to make a fan-fiction. Hope you like it. It's based on the episode called Revelations. (The 15th episode in the 2nd series.)


4. Third Fan-fic

Everything was perfect. The weather was lovely. The room was set. The dresses were perfect. The make-up and hair amazing. I sat staring into the vanity mirror. My pale complexion tanned more than usual. My face covered with make-up, but just the right amount. My hair, stunning. My dress, long and floaty. My shoes, heels but the right height. 

A knock on the door broke me from my daydream.

‘Come in!’ Called Garcia. A tall man in a suit walked in.

‘Wow. You look amazing Laura.’ I smiled.

‘You look amazing too, dad.’ He held out his hand. We made our way downstairs, me, my dad and the bridesmaids (Garcia, JJ, Lindsey and Prentiss.). We stood in hallway, adjusting dresses and getting the bouquets. Wild flowers, lilies, poppies. The conservatory doors opened. I walked into the light. Haha.

‘Do you Spencer Reid, take Laura Hotchner to be your lawfully wedded wife?’ Said the minister.

‘I do.’ Said Spencer.

‘Do you Laura Hotchner, take Spencer Reid to be your lawfully wedded husband?’

‘I do!’ I kind of shouted. Everyone was smiling.

‘I now pronounce you man and wife! You may now kiss the bride.’ We kissed as everyone clapped. We signed the registration papers.

The reception flew by. The dancing. The food. It was amazing. Especially little Henry as the ring bearer, his suit was adorable. The wedding photos were great fun. My dad actually smiling in most of them. At around 3am the next morning we left for the hotel.

I woke up the next morning to breakfast in bed. Pancakes with syrup and coffee. Delicious.

‘Good morning Mrs Reid.’ Spencer smiled.

‘Morning Mr Reid.’ I smiled. Someone knocked on the door. I pulled on my dressing gown and answered the door.

‘Gimme all your money and jewellery!’ Two guns were pointed at my head. Reid came over with his gun pointed at the man.

‘FBI’ He showed the man his badge. He held the guns still. Not even flinching.

‘Give me everything!’ He was getting angry. He slapped me. Reid jumped him. I scrambled to the phone. I called the FBI. Well I called Garcia.

‘Garcia, We don’t need any help.’ I sounded as calm as possible.

‘Gotcha, Mystery Inc, is on the way!’ She laughed and hung up. I ran back to Reid. He was lying on the floor.

‘Reid!’ The man in the mask laughed. ‘What did you do to him?’ He waved a needle in the air. I glared at him and got on my knees next to Reid.  The man grabbed my hair. I screamed. He put a mask on my face. I was struggling to break his grip. He held up a new full needle. I screamed and squirmed. He was laughing as he put it against my neck. I heard running footsteps. Heavy, must be the whole frigging SWAT team. He stabbed the needle into my neck. I felt the fluid rush through my body. Everything started spinning. He pulled me up. I could barely stand. He was dragging me out of the room. The SWAT team was standing there waiting.

‘FBI, drop your weapons!’ The man holding me fired his weapon. I was screaming. Then I saw the BAU arrive. Hotch was at the front.

‘Mr Hotchner. We’ve met before?’ I stopped screaming. Huh? My dad knows this guy?

‘Let the girl go and drop your weapons.’ My dad said. Morgan walked into the middle of the SWAT team and us.

‘Shoot me.’ Morgan said. I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I didn’t know what this drug did so I was fighting, fighting for my life most likely.

‘Why should I shoot you, Derek.’ I was seriously confused.

‘You want to get passed us, right?’ The man stared a Morgan.

‘Yes. How will shooting you help?’

‘Do it and find out.’ The gun fired. Then another one did. Then it seemed like a free for all. Reid dragged himself out of the hotel room. He pulled the mask off of me and him.

‘What’s going on?’

‘I don’t know!’ I shouted back. The gun fire was wild and totally out of control. It made me wish I did go unconscious. Smoke filled the hallway. It was gas, choking the ones with no masks. Only, me and Reid were one of those people. I pulled my cardigan off and covered my mouth with it. I was coughing. I managed to stand up. Reid was already up. He was helping me through to the SWAT team. They gave us masks. The gas disappeared.

‘Morgan!’ I shouted, noticing him bleeding on the floor. I ran over to him. Something grabbed my leg. Everyone had taken their masks off. Black smoke filed through the air vents. It was pitch black in the hotel hallway. But I didn’t wake up. I couldn’t.

‘She’s gone’ Was the last thing I heard.

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