Criminal Minds Fan Fiction.

I know Criminal Minds is a TV show but I wanted to make a fan-fiction. Hope you like it. It's based on the episode called Revelations. (The 15th episode in the 2nd series.)


3. Second fan-fic

I sat on the plane. The voice over said we only have a few minutes until we land. Then I would have to make my way to my dad’s house. I got off the plane and got my luggage. I waited at the taxi zone. A black SUV pulled up and I moved to see where my taxi was. The window rolled down and there he was. My dad. Aaron Hotchner.

‘I cancelled your taxi.’ I rolled my eyes and opened the back door of the car. Two people were already there and I jumped. ‘Oh right, this is SSA Prentiss and SSA Rossi.’

I looked at Rossi. FBI agent turned author, turned FBI agent again. Makes me sick. ‘I’ll walk thanks.’ I turned away. Another black SUV pulled up behind me. ‘Seriously?’

The window of the second SUV rolled down. SSA Derek Morgan. Oh yes. I’d go with him any day. Even if he was a serial killer. I headed to his car. Opened the door. I jumped again. A man and JJ sat in the back.

‘Dr. Spencer Reid. And you know me.’

‘Hi JJ.’ I got in the car. We drove for about five minutes before everyone piled out of the cars. I followed them into the FBI BAU building. I was immediately asked for ID but my dad came and dragged me through.

‘My office in five.’ I nodded and walked around the building. I bumped into Morgan.

‘Changed since you were SWAT team?’ I nodded.

‘Changed lots. You haven’t though. Still the ladies man. And still calling Garcia, babygirl, right?’ He laughed.

‘Still not smiling like your dad?’

‘You wanna go down that road?’ He shook his head. ‘Where’s his office?’ Morgan pointed to a secluded room. I nodded and walked over to it.

I knocked on the door. He was talking to someone. He called me in.

‘Let me get straight to the point. I’ve told Morgan and JJ to shush about the father, daughter thing going on here. And I’d like to make you a BAU member.’ I stared at him in disbelief. ‘You have degrees in psychology, criminology, child behaviour and behavioural sciences. You’d be an asset.’

‘Ok. I’ll join. But the secret stays secret. Forever.’

‘Deal.’ We shook hands and he gave me my badge and a gun.

I woke up at a desk. It had been two years since I got the job. Prentiss walked in.

‘You been here all night?’ She asked. In answer I pointed at a load of paper next to my desk. ‘Lot’s of paper work then?’ I nodded.

JJ came in a few minutes later followed by the rest of the gang. ‘Briefing. Now.’  They all went to the briefing room. I sat, sighed and carried on with the paper work. Hotch came back.

‘That means the whole team. You included.’ I pointed at myself.

‘Moi? I finally get to go on a case?’ He rolled his eyes and we went to the room.

‘Three women have been murdered in the space of a week. The killer does this every month once a month. For one week every month this killer will move cities, or stalk his victims and kill them. We’ve been called in because of the sudden spike in the amount of kills per week. He’s gone from three people to 7. One a day.’ I read the case file.

‘White male. Probably mid 30’s-40’s. Got a job where he thinks he’s underappreciated, yet he has some authority. A CEO of a company maybe, where he feels he needs to, once in a while, show his power.’ I spoke without realising. I thought I was just thinking. They all stared at me.

‘What? Did I just say that out loud?’ Morgan fought to hold back a laugh.

‘That was quick.’ Rossi said.

‘It only takes me roughly a quick scan over the case file. Sorry.’  JJ smiled.

‘JJ, Rossi, Prentiss and Morgan. My office. Now.’ Hotch walked off to his office. I looked at Reid as they all left.

‘What did I do?’ Reid just stared at me in disbelief. I left the room.

I was in the middle of a coffee when I overheard some of the conversation in my dad’s office.

‘Quickest profile ever.’

‘We need her.’

‘We could’ve used her lot’s’ They were starting to leave so I ran to my desk and sat with my coffee. Mmmm coffee.  They came out and headed over to me. I stared into space.

‘Laura. We need you in the office. Now.’  I gave Morgan a concerned look. ‘You’re not in trouble sweetie.’  I punched him in the stomach and he doubled over. Reid ran over to him.

‘Don’t bother. Give him five minutes and make sure he has a coffee ready. He’ll be fine.’ I walked off to my dad’s office.

‘This cause I punched Morgan in the stomach?’ They all looked surprised.

‘No, wait what? You punched Morgan in the stomach..... Oh. Never mind.’ Said Prentiss.

‘We’d like you on all of our cases. Every single one. Until you quit.’ I stared at Rossi.

‘Why is he here?’

‘I’m here because...’ Hotch interrupted.

‘He was just leaving.’ Rossi glared at me and left. ‘Well?’

‘Ok. I’ll join your team.’ JJ and Prentiss smiled. ‘Under one condition.’

‘Go on.’ Hotch said.

‘I never. And I mean never. Get put with Rossi.’

‘Understood. That all?’ I nodded. He handed my badge. I walked out. I was bombarded with a case file and a gun. Then Morgan gave me an evil look and walked off.

The next day.

‘We have a lead on our Unsub. Rossi, Hotchner, and Reid go to Pier Beach. JJ, Morgan and I’ll go to South Beach.’ I glared at my dad when he said this. He shrugged and ran to the SUV’s with the others. A long awkward and uncomfortable drive later our mini team was searching round the warehouses in Pier Beach. I kicked open one of the doors. I heard a small scream. It was muffled of course. Nothing is ever easy. I walked in. I was ready. For anything. Except what happened next.

I was hit over the head with a glass bottle. I fell over struggling to find my bearings. I crawled to where I saw light. Ouch! Blood was streaming from my hands. I looked down. Glass. I crawled as quickly as I could, the pain surging through my body. Hitting nerves around my body. I was trying not to scream.

‘Laura Hotchner. Naughty girl, you should’ve stayed at home. With mummy and daddy. Watching television.’ Some guy said. I stared at him.

‘My mum’s dead.’ I said.

‘Oh, pity.’ He tied my hands with rope and cable ties. My feet and legs too. He was dragging me across the glass. I was muffling my cries. So he would have no satisfaction. 

‘Agent Hotchner? Are you in here?’ Reid said. I gasped.

‘Your FBI?’ Reid gasped. ‘You know what I do to FBI agents?’ I shook my head. ‘I kill them.’ I heard footsteps get quieter. Reid must’ve left.

‘How do you kill them?’ I asked.

‘I torture them. Make some work for me. Drive them crazy. Insane. Make them want to die. I ask them how they want to die. I give them their final wish.’ I closed my eyes. Let him drag me through the glass. The burning coal. The splinters in the wood. I didn’t even realise I was screaming till I opened my eyes and my head was being cradled by him. He was telling me to be quiet. He had his hand over my mouth. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even talk. Footsteps were getting louder. But not loud enough. Whoever it was stuck at the glass.  I struggled to breathe. Lights came on. 

‘FBI, Hands where I can see them!’ Morgan.

‘Get me an ambulance!’ Prentiss.

‘Don’t let Hotch in here!’ JJ. I heard peoples voices.

‘Come on, stay with me. Stay awake!’ I was fighting to keep my eyes open. Was it Reid speaking? Or that dumbass Rossi. Someone was being dragged away. He was shouting.

‘I’ll be back! And when I am, you’ll be sorry Laura Hotchner!’ I heard someone fighting through a barricade of people. My dad, trying to get to me. JJ, Prentiss and Rossi blocking him.

‘Laura! Laura! Stay with me!’ Reid’s voice was getting louder. The ambulance was here. I heard the siren. I heard paramedics getting closer. I was being lifted onto a bed, and rolled into the ambulance. They stopped for a few seconds just before putting me in the ambulance. My dad came over. He grabbed my hand. I winced. He cut the cable ties and rope off of me. He looked at me.

‘I’m sorry.’ He said. They rolled me into the ambulance. He was about to get in too, to sit with me, but the paramedics said they needed to keep an eye on me. I passed out.

I was lying in the hospital bed. Eyes closed, but kind of awake. All I could hear was beeping. The beeping of the heart rate monitor. Then someone walked in. They grabbed my hand. Gently squeezed it. I wanted to open my eyes. But I was so.... I don’t know... Tired?

‘Laura? If you can hear me, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. Not like this....’ I had managed to open my eyes.

‘Don’t apologise.’ I stared at my dad as I said this. ‘It wasn’t your fault.’

‘It was. I shouldn’t have put you with Rossi. You should’ve come with me.’

‘We all have to learn to work with people we don’t like.’ Another person walked in.

‘Ummm, this ermm BAU team would like to come in.’ said the person. Hotch looked at me. I forced a smile. The person let them in then left.

‘Girl, you need a make-over!’ Garcia. I laughed, then winced. Everyone was talking to me. No questions just statements. Sentences. I wasn’t paying attention. I was watching Spencer. Outside in the waiting room.

‘Why is Reid still out there?’ I asked.

‘He just got here I think.’ Prentiss said. ‘I’ll go get him.’ She left to get him, and when he came in, everyone left.

‘You ok? I mean I know you’re not... but errrr.... ummm..... Stupid question sorry....’ I gave him a pitiful look.

‘It’s ok Spence. I’ve been through worse.’ He looked confused. ‘You didn’t know?’ He shook his head. ‘I was the kid that got abducted like six years ago. For four years. I joined the S.W.A.T team as soon as I could. Hotch married Haley and had Jack during that time.’

‘Woah. Disturbing childhood?’

‘Makes me a perfect profiler’ He smiled.

‘I’ve err, spoken to Hotch, your dad and he said it’s ok so....’ I stared at him as he got onto one knee. ‘Will you marry me?’ I smiled. Breaking all of my IV tubes and wires I jumped up, in lot’s of pain, and kissed Spencer.

‘Yes!’ He smiled.

When I passed out again, I remembered where I knew Spencer from. He was my best friend and boy friend in High school.

I opened my eyes and blinked. I closed them again. I opened my eyes and looked around. Nothing. Just a chair, my bed and a blank TV screen. I fumbled my arm on the bed. At least my arms still work. I thought. I found the remote and switched on the TV. The news.

‘And a quick update for late risers, FBI Agent SSA Laura Hotchner is still in a critical condition.’ A doctor saw me watching the TV. He ran off. ‘I heard footsteps. Quick footsteps. Running? My door slammed open as six or seven people plus a doctor crammed into my room. The doctor ran some tests then said I was stable for now.

‘Let me save you some time, I don’t remember anything after my dad, I  mean Hotch, cut the ropes and cable ties off me. Everything else is a blur.’ Spencer looked away. JJ went outside with him. ‘What’s up with Spence?’ No one answered.

‘How are you feeling?’ Prentiss.

‘Wait, where’s my dad?’ Everyone looked away. Garcia and Prentiss left. That left Rossi and Morgan in my room and JJ and Reid outside.

‘Guys. Seriously, where is Hotch?’ Morgan looked away. Rossi just stared at me. He had one of those faces you just want to slap every time you see it.

‘He’s busy.’ Rossi snapped.

‘Rossi, chillax.’ Morgan snapped back. ‘She just lost her dad!’ I saw the realisation in Morgan and Rossi’s face. I didn’t get it.

‘Wait, what?’ The realisation hit me. ‘Lost my dad? What happened?!’ Morgan sighed.

‘He was in an explosion. And he’s in surgery right now. Major surgery.’ The heart rate monitor started beeping loudly and quickly. Some doctors and nurses ran in. They started doing weird things with hospital equipment. I kept eye-contact with Morgan as him and Rossi left the room.

I was reading a magazine when Morgan walked in.

‘How you feeling?’ He asked.

‘How do you think?’ I snapped.

‘I’m sorry about the other day.’ He looked really apologetic. He handed a bouquet of flowers out and I smiled. He put them in a vase of water. Reid walked past the window. He saw Morgan do this. He sat on the sofa outside my room.

‘What are the doctors making you do today?’ He tried to sound sympathetic.

‘I have to walk around a bit. They got feeling in my left leg and part of my right so they’re making me walk. I get to pick my route.’

‘Let me guess. You stop by your dad’s room on the way?’

‘Nope. I get free time later.’ I was a bit annoyed with the way it worked. Morgan left. Spencer came in.

‘So, you really don’t remember?’ I grinned.

‘Course I remember. I just wasn’t sure if you wanted the whole BAU to know just yet.’ He laughed.

‘Fair enough.’ I kissed him.

A short while later I was wheeling my wheelchair along the corridors. People moved over, nodded and smiled or even said hello. Man I get more attention in a wheelchair than I do walking. I got to his room. I knocked.

‘Hello there, can I help?’ A nurse said.

‘I’m here to see my dad.’ She smiled in recognition. She left. I wheeled my wheelchair in. He had changed into a suit.

‘Hey dad.’

‘Oh, hi Laura.’ Why was he surprised? I always came at this time. ‘Sorry. I’ve been getting things ready all morning.’


‘I’m going back to the BAU.’ I nodded. ‘Are you coming back?’ I shrugged.

‘I wanna start a family.’ He raised his eyebrows. ‘No, no. I want to settle down. Secure a job. Get married. Have kids.’ He lowered his eyebrows again.

‘Right. I understand.’ He looked kind of disappointed. Then started laughing. ‘What?’

‘Oh my gosh! You actually fell for it! You should’ve seen your face!’ He rolled his eyes.

‘Really?’ I laughed. Then winced. He shook his head. ‘The plane leaves in ten. No permission to fly, drive. I’m going in an SUV with Morgan, Reid and you?’ I nodded and wheeled back to my room. I changed clothes whilst sat down. I packed my bag and wheeled into the elevator. I was given crutches in case I wanted to swap. I wheeled to the car park. I stood up and wobbled. Reid steadied me. I smiled. Morgan put the wheel chair in the boot.

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