Criminal Minds Fan Fiction.

I know Criminal Minds is a TV show but I wanted to make a fan-fiction. Hope you like it. It's based on the episode called Revelations. (The 15th episode in the 2nd series.)


2. Chapter 2.

‘Guys! Guys quick!’ Garcia calls us to the computer room in Tobiahs’ house. We run in. There’s a video on. Just as I’m about to walk in Gideon pushes me out of the room. I can hear someone crying. Was it Reid?

‘You can’t see what’s in there Laura. It’s not pleasent.’

‘Look, no offense to Garcia but I have a stronger stomach than her. I can handle it, Gideon.’ I didn’t usually call him that. But he was annoying. I pushed past him into the room. Reid was on the screen. Being tortured. Hotch, Gideon and even Morgan ordered me to leave. But I’d seen it. My Reid. Being tortured. That  unsub was going to get it. And get it good. I ran out the room. Straight to the front door. Morgan was on my tail. I ran to the cars. I got in one. Morgan got in front of the car.

‘I will drive and you will get hit if you don’t move Morgan.’ He stepped away.

I drove for a mile or two before Gideon spoke. ‘We won’t find him this way.’ I jumped. We swerved right into a tree. Or was it a lamppost?  I opened my eyes. I was still in the car. Gideon was in the passenger seat. If he makes it out alive. I will kill him for this. I thought. He opened his eyes.

‘That’s what driving test’s are for.’  I hit him and dragged myself out of the car. He followed as I staggered to the pavement and threw up. He held my hair.

‘Come on, let’s go back and sort you out.’ He looked me right in the eye. ‘We will find him.’ We walked the few miles back to the cabin. We entered the room. Reid was being hurt again. And being told to pick a team member to die. I looked around.

‘Aaron Hotchner.’ He said then he quoted something, but I’d walked out following Hotch. He said something. I wasn’t listening. What was he doing to Reid?

‘A graveyard. But there aren’t any in a 10 mile radius.’

Morgan shouted through to Garcia ‘Baby doll, search graveyards in a 10 mile radius.’

‘There aren’t any. Though there is a church with a small burial ground.’ She replied.

I got up, then fell back. Gideon looked at me. He walked over and un-handcuffed me. I grabbed my badge. We sped off in the car.

I walked towards the cabin. Gun in hand. I kicked open the door. Reid’s jacket. Morgan looked up at me but I was already out the door.

‘Dig faster boy!’  A voice said.

‘I-I can’t!’ Reid.

‘Weakling!’ I heard a whimper and moved faster. I saw Reid digging. A hole. His own grave.

‘Tobihas please!’

‘Dig faster!’ I was right behind Tobihas now. My gun clicked. Tobihas turned. He fired his gun. I fell. Reid crouched over and squeezed my hand.

‘Reid?’ I coughed. Blood.

‘Bring the girl!’ Reid looked at Tobihas. ‘I’ll carry her then boy!’ he carried my limp body into his van. Before he shot the door I fired six shots into the air, signalling where we were. Then I shouted.

‘Gideon! Morgan! Hotch!’ He slammed the door. I passed out.

My eyes opened. I was restrained on a metal slab.

‘W-w-where’s Reid!?’ I squeaked.

‘On a chair.’ Tobihas came over with tools. Red hot. I winced. ‘Don’t be afraid. I’ll fix your stomach.’ He drugged me.

I woke up sat on a chair. A video camera was on. I looked round. Reid was next to me.

‘Laura?’ I turned to him. ‘Their watching us.’

‘Say something smarter than usual.’ My eyes struggled to stay open. They closed.

‘Dad? Dad?’ I muttered in my sleep. I was outside.

‘I’m here Laura I’m here.’ I heard gasps.

‘She’s your?’ Morgan asked.

‘Yes.’ Gideon replied.

‘Wow.’ Morgan said.

‘Where’s Reid?’ I asked.

‘Here.’ Reid squeezed my hand. An ambulance took Reid away. Then me.

‘The hospital food was terrible Morgan.’ I looked all pathetic.

‘You know your not supposed to eat that soon.’ He wouldn’t look me in the eye.

‘If you won’t give me some of your burger. I want you to keep an eye on Reid for me.’


‘I’m worried about him. He was abused with dr....’ Gideon walked in.

‘Don’t stop flirting because I’m here.’ I threw a pillow at him. Reid, Hotch and JJ walked onto the plane.


‘Laura.’ We smiled at each other but I stayed sat. Well I had no choice. I was on crutches which were on the other side of the plane.

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