Playing Cards.

A game of cards is basically turned into real-life situations. Following the life of 16 year old Ignacia, a girl with a past you will want to know.


1. Hit Someone With A Club.

She walked across the plain yet beautiful meadow. Sighing likethe wind it was as though she was invisible to the busy lives of the city folk.The smell of smoke and booze still rested among her old worn out clothes. I must sew another patch later she thought. The town clock rang throughout the city. Blast! I must get home! She ran through the meadow tearing herdress even more than it was already. The city went by in a giant blur. Anartist begged her to stand still for a picture but she had to keep running.

‘Your late.’ Her father said. The scent of booze was still hanging around.

‘I know. I’m sorry.’ He rolled his eyes ather.

‘There’s someone I’d like you to meet.’ She gave her father a puzzled look. He lead her through to the living room. Her eyes immediately drawn to a beautiful woman sat in posh clothes on their old settee.

‘Hello you must be Ignacia, I’m Lisa.’ Ignacia stared at Lisa. She looked her up then down.

‘What are you here for? The shop’s not open to tramps.’ Lisa looked stunned to hear this.

‘Tramp!? You’re calling me a tramp?! I’m a Lady I’ll have you know.’ Ignacia snorted.

‘Yeah a lady of…’ Her father interrupted.

‘Well I guess we should get going if we’re to make it to the cinema on time.’ He gave a stern look to Ignacia before grabbing his jacket and leaving with Lisa.

‘See ya later Lady Tramp.’ Lisa scoffed and walked out. Ignacia wondered around her fathers sweet shop finding a note on the counter table. It read:

Hey Sweetie.

I just wanted to say that the sweets are yours for today. Take as many as you want.

Love you Iggie.

She read the note twice then helped herself to sweets. She opened her homework folder. Then carried the shredder to her little desk. She plugged it into the socket and poured her homework in.

She was walking back inside, after emptying the shredder bag, when she noticed something. A playing card. Just one. And it was an ace. An ace of clubs. She picked the card up and flipped it over. The writing on the back was smudged but still readable.

Hit someone with a club.

She looked round. No people. No clubs. Just some stupid prank. But still she kept the card and went inside.

‘There you are! I dropped Lisa off at home.’

‘So?’ He sighed. ‘I wish someone would hit her with a club. She just takes over everything! I thought you were finished with dating! Especially her! You told me that! Ugh’ She stormed right up to her room slamming every door on the way.

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