Playing Cards.

A game of cards is basically turned into real-life situations. Following the life of 16 year old Ignacia, a girl with a past you will want to know.


2. Bury Them With A Spade.

'Knock, Knock. Iggie? I'm just letting you know I made pancakes.' She lays in bed. 'Four for each person.' She moves slightly. 'With Maple Syrup.' She jumps up and runs to her door. 'Thought that would get you up.' They walk downstairs together and plate up the pancakes. She switches on the dining TV. The boring old news. Then the announcer says something. Something that catches the attention of both of them.

'And to our more unsual news of today. A woman went missing last night after be dropped off at her home. This woman here' An image appears on screen. 'Lady Lisa Traininser. She was last seen at the movies with her new boyfriend who has indeed not been announced as a suspect. At all.' Her father sighs a breath of relief.

'Hope she's ok.'

'Me too Iggie, me too.' He smiled at her. 'Now go on. You've got school.' He winks at her as she runs upstairs to her room.

She opens her wardrobe. Expecting to find her clothes. Instead she finds Lisa. She screams.

'Whats wrong?!' Her father starts running up the stairs.

'I just, err stubbed my toe! That's all.' Her father stops. She hears his footsteps back downstairs. She reaches to touch Lisa. Then retracts. 'Lisa?' No response. 'Lisa? Oh god, I'm so sorry!'

'Iggie? Iggie! I'm going down to the shop for the day.' She shouts a response.

What do I do about Lisa? Go to the police? Nah. That'll get my pa arrested.  She thought for what seemed like hours. Aha! I'll bury the body! Not in the back yard though. Not the graveyard. hmmmmm.  She looked out of her window to her view of the meadow. There were only three trees in the meadow. All willow trees. Placed in an exact triangle. The tree. The one about the middle distance. I never go there. She put gloves on. She wrapped Lisa in her bed sheets and dragged her out the back door. She looked at the calendar. Annual Food Market weekend. Practically everyone was there apart from her. She placed Lisa onto her own bike and pushed her to the Tree. It would look like she was helping someone on their bike through the meadow.

They were half way there when She spotted a second playing card. An Ace of Hearts. She flipped it over:

Bury Them With A Spade.  

She looked around. No one. But there was a Spade. She picked it up. She started digging.

That was Ignacia's grave secret. Well, one of them.


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