Playing Cards.

A game of cards is basically turned into real-life situations. Following the life of 16 year old Ignacia, a girl with a past you will want to know.


3. Break someone’s Heart.


Ignacia stood under the willow tree. She stood for hours staring out into the distance. It wasn’t until she heard footsteps that she snapped out of her daydream.

‘Hi, I’m Aaron. I’m new around here and was wondering if you could give me any pointers on this place?’ He held his hand out towards her. She looked confused. ‘Hand shake?’ She sighed deeply and reached into her pocket. She pulled out some sweets and held them to him. Then she emptied her pockets of everything. ‘Hey, I just wanted a hand shake.’ She turned away. He grabbed her shoulder.

‘Hey! Get off me! I gave you all my sweets and money! Just leave me alone!’

‘I’m not here to bully you! I just wanted a friend ‘cause I’m new to the area!’ She stopped struggling.



‘Start again?’

‘Sure’ He let go of her. ‘Hi, I’m Aaron, I’m 15 and I don’t like ham.’ Ignacia giggled.

‘Hi I’m Ignacia. I’m 15 and my dad owns a sweets store.’

‘Awesome! Hey Ignacia is a really cool name but it’s a bit long. Is there like a umm, err nickname you err...’


‘Iggie, awesome!’ He looked around nervously. ‘Errr, I heard there’s umm a fair ground around here? Would you like to go with errm me?’

She giggled at his nervous behavior, ‘Of course I would! I would love to! I’ll meet you at the fair at 5pm.’

‘See you then.’ He walked off.

A few weeks later.

Ignacia was walking around her room, debating whether or not to call Aaron or wait for him to call her, when she came across another Playing Card. It read:

Break someone’s Heart.

Iggie was shocked. She loved Aaron too much to break up with him.

‘How! How do I break someone’s heart? Whose heart do I break?’ Iggie shouted.

‘The one you love most.’  A voice said.

‘Who said that?!’

‘I did, Ignacia. Now leave me be!’

Ignacia couldn’t sleep that night. She tossed and turned the whole time.

The one you love most.  The voice had said. The one you love most.

Ignacia wrote a list of all the people she had loved:

My mum

My dad.


Well, my mum’s dead. So it’s either Aaron or my Dad. She thought. In fact she thought for a while. She stood up too quickly and stumbled from feeling dizzy. She spun round trying to regain her balance. Everything was a blur. Her room was covered in Playing Cards. Each said something different. The One You Love Most. Or Break someone’s Heart  or I know you Ignacia. And I’m coming for you.

She fell. Her dad entered the room.

‘Ignacia? Oh my! Ignacia!’ He ran to her.

‘Dad?’ She sat up slowly. ‘I’m ok, I just tripped over.’ She looked around for all the cards but only the one remained.

‘Ok.’ Her dad gave her a suspicious look but carried on anyway. ‘There’s someone outside waiting for you. A boy.’ He raised his eyebrows. ‘Should I be concerned?’

Iggie laughed. ‘Course not dad, let him in please?’ He rolled his eyes and went downstairs.

Aaron came in a few minutes later. ‘Hey Iggie! I er got movie tickets for later. Would you like to come?’

‘Sure! What time? What movie?’

‘Aww gosh, Iggie, you sure ask a lot of questions.’ She laughed. ‘Errr, 5? And you pick a movie.’ She smiled. ‘I have to go. Here’s your ticket.’  He handed her the ticket and kissed her forehead.

She stood at the movie theatre waiting for Aaron. Five o’clock came and went. Then six. Then seven. By half-past eight Ignacia was calling her dad to collect her. She wondered around the area for half an hour till she heard her name being called.

‘Iggie! Wait up!’ Aaron ran up to her, completely out of breathe. ‘I’m so sorry.’

‘No. I’m sorry. Sorry I have to put up with you. I have a dead mum, a depressed dad and now you! I can’t take it any more! Our friendship is over.’ She turned away towards her dad’s car. Break someone’s Heart. The voice came back. You broke his heart. Well done, Ignacia. I’m coming for you. Ignacia broke into a run heading for her father’s car. She panted the whole journey home and although it was only 9pm she went straight to bed.

You were  running through the woods. Lost and alone. The little lonely pauper running through the woods again. Ignacia turn! Turn child! You’re quiet tonight. Your normally loud and always questioning me.

‘Who are you’ said Iggie.

Me? I am your conscience. You only listen to me at night. And you won’t say why.

‘Why am I running?’

Because you’re scared.

Ignacia woke up. She stood up. She looked around. A forest? The woods?

‘Where am I? Why am I here? How did I get here?’ She looked at her feet. Blistered, red and swollen. Bleeding in places. Her whole body was cut and injured. ‘What did I do?’

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