Playing Cards.

A game of cards is basically turned into real-life situations. Following the life of 16 year old Ignacia, a girl with a past you will want to know.


4. Accept a diamond ring.


Iggie was opening her presents before her sweet sixteenth party started. Aaron would be there. It had been six months since the break up and they had gotten back together after Ignacia was released from hospital for her sleepwalking injuries. They were very much in love and they were keen to get married someday.

‘These are awesome present’s dad! Thank you so much!’ She ran and hugged her father.

‘No problems kiddo. Oh this came in the post. No address or present just a card.’ He handed her it and went into the kitchen. She ripped open the envelope and saw another playing card. This is your final card. I won’t come for you if you do this: Accept a Diamond Ring.

Ignacia shrugged. The doorbell rang and Iggie ran to it. About fifty guests ran in but there he was. He stood there watching her. Never smiling. But today he did. He smiled and got down on one knee.

‘Ignacia, I’ve known you for a long time now. And I love you.’ He smiled and paused. ‘Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?’ He looked at her father 'In a few years of course.' Her dad laughed.

‘Yes!’ He put the ring on her finger.

I’m proud of you Ignacia. I’ll always be with you. Ignacia was shocked. An image of her mother was stood next to her. Then she remembered that her mother used to work in Vegas.

Playing Cards, a club, a spade, a heart and a diamond.

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