Spirits of the Shadow

An idea that originated today. A story of a grand adventure. Based upon the idea that magic lives within the shadows of those that can control it. A war will soon be decided by the spirits of the shadows and the way they are used. This will hurtle a young boy into an adventure that will change his life and the lives of others.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hoping for both compliments and criticism to help with writing style and ideas. Any ideas of how the story could progress would be accepted. I hope to try and get this story going well, whenever the free time is available. However, this does depend on reactions as I am happy to try other projects if this first one fails. Thank you for taking your time to read this piece of work.


1. The Shadow Hydra


The grand city of Arylian stood tall and proud above the sandy expanse of the Dustlands, balanced upon the white marble spire that stretched from the dust to the stars. The new moon shining bright, reflecting its power off of the cities spine, the city also known as The Giant of the North. The Giant started from below the Dustlands, or so the legends say, with marble shapes embedded below the sands and stretching for miles, representative of the roots of great oak trees. The marble column, lined with small arches rose upwards and kept on rising until it became the highest point of the land, beating that of Mount Cerulean to the West. The city began at the top of the spine as a great oval platform balanced upon it surrounded with tall walls and turrets created with the same expensive materials. Golden fountains and statues lined the streets which wove between the houses. Roofs were lined with dark red slate and chimneys puffed out charcoal smoke, like ghosts escaping from the raging fires. Ghosts preferred the cool midnight air.

The city held host to the Hall of Knowledge, a huge dome in which the grand council lived and worked, deciding upon rulings, finance and war treaties for the protection of the Arylians. The council master, Yuri Reveritt lay sound asleep in the large bedroom that spanned across the highest floor of the hall. The bed sat beneath a ray of moonlight that entered from a large light tunnel that sat central in the roof.  His straggly ginger hair lay across the ridge of his nose and mingled in with the matching orange beard, his moustache twitching as he slowly breathed, dreaming dreams that brought him a calm sleep. Little did he know of the happenings outside his window.

A large brute of a man stood as if in air, it required a second glance to view the beast that he stood upon, legs spread to allow balance between the wings. The creature was not a whole; it was a wispy collection of death reincarnated in the shape of a dragon. A large tail embedded with triangular spines stretched up to the muscular body, this then widened to allow for a thin duel stretch of membrane to expand into winds, ending in a point and bending back around to reach the shoulders, Upon the shoulders sat a neck, and another and another. The Hydras three heads had jaws on fangs, razor sharp and snapping at inconsistent times, between grunts and growls. Knife like tongues, flapping around the jaw line, flicked specks of black fire from the lips. The rider pointed towards the space outside the Hall of Knowledge. The Hydra Dived.

Instead of landing, the Hydra sunk into the ground and became a shadow behind its rider, it complete as the black metal boots slapped against the cobbled ground. All traces of the hydra were dispersed. All that was left was a man and his shadow, walking in the moonlight.

The figure was garbed all in black, he wore no hood and allowed his head to glow below the moon. His head was void of hair. His hair was replaced with tattoos of ancient texts. Red eyes sat below the v shaped thin eyebrows, next came the nose, sharp and pointed. Finally was the mouth, a thin line between nose and chin, nothing special it was just a mouth. It was not only a shadow that now followed this man, he was also followed by a weapon. A great broad sword was sheathed across his back, it reached from right shoulder to the left hip. A double edged blade with a thick black hilt. The aura of death and destruction surrounded the blade.

The only thing out of place was a shawl of white cloth that hung across his front. A small bundle was held within it, the same bundle that was removed gently and place at the base of the large double doors that lead to the chambers of the council. The shape wiggled slightly, but, did not make a noise. With the job done the man turned his back and walked away.

He began to walk across the cobbles, however, with each step he rose into the air, arms outstretched for balance. The more he walked the less his shadow became, instead forming itself into the large three headed hydra. With a crash of wings the hydra lifted itself high above the city and eclipsed the moon for a short second. For this next flight the male figure chose to sit and cross his legs, eyes staring into the darkness. “Take us home, Karn” the male growled. With that each head of the hydra spat inky flames into the air, ducked down their heads, spread their wings and took flight towards the south.

The new moon began to set behind the world and give way for the dawn sun to rise. It was this first light that gave life to the council master, stirring him awake and forcing him to don his robes and remove himself from his bed chamber. He was the first to awaken, this he was used to. Opening the front to bathe himself in the morning sun and the fresh air, he yawned and stretched. Taking another step he hit something hard but yet soft at the same time. He looked down, pushing his ginger hair away from his eyes and viewed a small white bundle. A look of shock crossed his face, he quickly picked upo the bundle carefully and ran into the main council hall, and he placed the white bundle on the table and pulled a large rope which sat behind the desk. This robe lifted him from the ground s it rose again, the echoing chimes of a bell filled the hall giving the gift of morning to his fellow council members.

It was only minutes until the seat of the hall were full, nine members sat around in a circle all robed. The main chair was occupied by the head of the council. The council was made up of both males and females. It was a female who stood up first and spoke aloud, “What seems to be the problem, Master Reveritt?” Yuri nodded and then took a stand himself and explained the situation to the group...

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