Lexi the firefly fairy : The twilight fairy

Mean Jack has kidnapped all the fireflies, leaving Fairyland in darkness ! Kirsty and Rachel must help Lexi the Firefly Fairy find her magical bag of fire dust . But first the fireflies need rescuing . . .


1. A face in the Bushes

The sun was just setting and evening starting to grow chilly at camp stargaze. Rachel walker zipped up her fleece and tucked an arm through Kirsty Tate's to keep warm. Rachel and Kirsty  were best friends, and their families had come on a camping holiday together for a week. Exciting things seemed to happen when the two girls got together - and so far, this holiday was already looking like it would be another very magical one ! Kirsty and Rachel were gathered with about twenty other children at the edge of the campsite. There was going to be a special night-time walk, and everyone was chattering excitedly as they waited to set off. ''Is everyone ready ? Then let's go into the whispering wood!'' called Peter, one of the play-leaders.Kirsty and Rachel walked with the rest of the group into the woodland. It was  cool and dark underneath the leafy trees,and Kirsty flicked on her torch and shone it around.The tall trees swayed  in a gentle breeze,and their leaves really did seem to make a whispering sound.''It's creepy being here in the evening , isn't it?'' she said to Rachel.''I know'', Rachel replied, glancing into the undergrowth.''Makes you wonder what's in those shadowy corners''. ''Whoooo-oooo-oooo!'' Rachel and kirsty clutched at each other as they heard a ghostly wailing behind them . They spun round to see two boys, Lucas and Matt, laughing so hard they were bent double. '' Gotcha !'' Matt chortled. ''Your  faces! You look terrified !''Lucas added,his . . .

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