2. The bullying began

All I really remember to begin with was the wierd looks they would be given and the general gossiping behind their backs and at first I didn't listen but then as it became more widespread i soon began to take notice of something I really shouldn't have. People by now were confronting them and being generally mean and as one of them was in my tutor and wasn't very nice towards all of us we began to turn on them. We wern't mean but if they wanted a fight hen we wouldn't ignore them, it wasn't proper fighting though just verbal, because when you're in year 7 you are a bit cocky and in hindsight I wish i'd just left them to it. One time we were u in art and they came along being really stupid, we got into an argument which we won and really that was the last time anything happened between us ad them but soon other people started to get involved...

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