Twilight Woods

Run. The only thing you can do, when everything seems lost.


4. Running



I am running. Twigs hit me in the face as I rush through them. The tall trees hover over me, their weight leaning on me. My bare feet touch the soft green moss, as I sprint across the forest floor. The sun is setting ahead of me, lighting up the forest with a certain yellow glow. West. That’s where I must go. My dark hair flies around my face, my white dress getting dirtier with every step. I am being chasedI can’t stop. I will not stop.

Shelter is what I know I must find, but what I know is impossible. What I am trying to escape, will follow me everywhere. These twilight woods are as close to home as I can get. The smell of earth, the colors of the trees; it’s what I love. The green leaves on the trees, the faint smell of bark and grass. It takes my breath away. 

Then why is my mind still filled with thoughts I can't bear?

The yellow light of a sunbeam hits my eyes. My foot gets caught in branch lying on the ground. I fall down, and all the air surges out of my lungs. I know it’s too late. I tried and failed. This thought makes me realize what I already know. That little spark of hope that keeps me going is slowly being put out.

But maybe not. A new sensation fills my body as I lay there. I feel my soul release itself into the earth. I’m melting into the ground. In a way I feel... happy. This is where I'm supposed to be. 

Why was I running? Why was I being chased?   Because it was, and always will be after me.


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