Twilight Woods

Run. The only thing you can do, when everything seems lost.


5. London News

A young woman was found dead, lying on the ground in the middle of the forest of Amber. Reasons of death is unknown. She was seventeen years old. Elizabeth Chamberlain identified the body, saying it was her daughter Alexandra Chamberlain.  Mrs. Chamberlain says that Alexandra ran off from her own wedding, which she doesn't understand.  Her mother also says, that she wished Alexandra had said goodbye, before she ran out of their lives. Mr. Russell Hammond, Alexandra's feyoncé, says he didn't know why she left. 

"Well if she didn't love me, I guess she deserved this. She could just have stayed, instead of humiliating me in front of my family and acquaintances,"

The mayor, her father, has chosen to say nothing in this artical. 



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