Twilight Woods

Run. The only thing you can do, when everything seems lost.


2. Accepting


One year prior I had what others would call ‘everything’. I would call it ‘nothing’. Yes, I lived in a big mansion, with my rich family,  because my father was the mayor. But my mother fussed over everything I did and decided everything I should do.

Then came the engagement. I was forced to congregate with him. The rich forty year old, Mr. Hammond. He had this look in his eyes. Like I was his; that he owned me. It frightened me, yet my mother did everything in her will to push me toward him. Even though I courteously dismissed him, showing no interest, he kept coming back. Why was I so interesting?

“Marry him. He’s rich, handsome, and he’ll take care of you,” she said.

“Mother, I can’t. I’m only sixteen years old! How can you put this on my shoulders, even though we’re in a financial crisis?” I retorted. I never disobeyed my mother. Her face hardened and she answered sternly.

“Do not speak like that. You shall marry him, and carry his children. It is your place!” she slapped me across the face, and left the room. I laid on my bed crying, the whole night. So when Mr. Hammond got down on one knee and proposed, all I could muster was a silent nod.

He brought me back to his mansion, where I had never been before. He showed me to his room, our room, and told me lay on the bed. I waited there as he got ready. I had almost fallen asleep when I felt his body on top of mine. He pulled up my dress, and ripped it off. He kissed me long and hard. He forced himself upon me, and slowly took away my purity. I just laid there. I had given up. I tried to set my mind elsewhere. The twilight woods. My true home. 

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