The Loner

I try to fit in. I do. I avoid all the bullies and teachers, but somehow they always find me. I am, and will always be...the loner.
This is my entry for the bullying comp.


5. Regret- Danny

Lurching off the desk, I kick back at it and send it crashing into the wall. My throat is threatened by invisible hands and I start to splutter and choke. Immediately, I start to regret my actions and I flail about desperately, trying to stop this nightmare. Air escapes my lips, the little storage I had quickly disappearing. I start to breathe faster, pulling in as much spare air as I can. My lungs are not taking it in though, and it just runs right out again, as quickly as it came. The hands of material are wringing around my throat, carefully squeezing out the tiny amount of breath I have left. At a last attempt, I weakly attempt to haul myself up, hoping that- by some miracle- I will survive this.

“Danny?” I can hear my name being called, my vision blurring drastically. Sparks are on the edge of my sight and I can hardly decipher anything. I stop trying and focus on the voice.

I breathe out, low and harshly.

I breathe in, slowly and jagged.

My name is repeated. I hear footsteps.

Breathing slows. Blood speeds through my veins. My name is repeated.

There is a bang on the door, the doorknob twisting violently. I scream.

“DANNY!” He can hear my screams, my rough breathing. The hands tighten around my neck. The door is crashed open and Chris flies into the room. Our eyes meet.  He is here, Chris is here; Chris who bullied me until I could take it no more; Chris who tugged at that last straw; Chris who loves me.

“Chris.” The last breath pulls away, hissing out of my lungs until they are empty. Everything goes black.

Chris- you took my breath away.

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