The Loner

I try to fit in. I do. I avoid all the bullies and teachers, but somehow they always find me. I am, and will always be...the loner.
This is my entry for the bullying comp.


7. One year later- Chris

I lay the flowers at the grave, memorising the engraved words for the millionth time. Running my fingers over the letters, I look around me. Flowers and notes line his gravestone, covering him in floral colours and sweet scents. Danny was a lot popular than I gave him credit for.

I miss Danny. Every day, I think about him. Every day, I hate myself for what I did. Sometimes I wonder if he ever liked me back. No. How could someone love their enemy? That saying rings in my head.

Love your enemies.

No one can though. That’s the problem. Each day, I made Danny wish it was all over, until one day it was. I read aloud the words, comforting myself.

“Danny James Miller, 1996-2011. A much loved son, grandson, brother and friend. He will be missed.” My voice is a whisper, barely audible. I can’t live. For the past year, all I have done is hate myself. I have seen a physiatrist, but that is hardly helping. All they do is listen to your problems, they don’t understand. They don’t get it do they? My life is ruined. Without Danny, I am incomplete. I can’t believe I never realised it before, if only I had, then perhaps things would be different.

Tears are streaming down my face, but I don’t care. I lay down next to the grave, next to Danny.

“Danny,” I manage to whisper, “I am sorry.”

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