Living with Teatime Journal

Based off the character Mr.Teatime from Terry Pratchett's book 'Hogfather' in the Discworld Series.

A series of diary entries about living with him in our own world. This is how I wound up with him and what has been happening thereforth

NOTE: I do not own this character, I didn't make him up. He was created by Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld Series.


2. Entry #2, The Trampoline

Ugh! It’s been four days now, doesn’t this kid eat or something? The sound of the rusty springs of the trampoline echoed throughout the house and had kept interrupting my fragmented dreams. Why? I had put all my effort into putting up with his quirks and his eccentricities, but this was by far the worst!

It had been a couple of days ago; Teatime hurtled over the fence from scaring the neighbours and by all chances of cruel, cruel fate he landed on the trampoline.

And then there was no stopping him. A universal child-instinct overcame him; no matter how many times I warned him not to bounce near the edges, he always did.

And there he stayed, day and night, jumping and tumbling and laughing. The springs never gave way and there were no spiders in sight, and I don’t blame them. There are things worse than death. Teatime was one of them.

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