This story is about a poor young girl, Ellie, who gets bullied at school. She has only one friend, Eddie, as no one else likes her.


2. Gang of bullies

First class was English. Eddie and I sat next to each other at old desks, with it's wood peeling off. I know, frost impressions are ussually incorrect, but I was sure mine was correct; it was HORRIBLE!
I noted the terrible fact that all my new classmates were bulky, muscly boys, and it turned out I was the only seventh-grader girl in school. I felt my ears go bright red, the way they do when I'm imbarassed. I mean, who would like being the only girlin class?
Furthermore, I found out that all the teachers at Furgonson School ( which was the name of my new but horrible school) hated newcomers. They all stared at me with their mean, beady black eyes, like an eagle at its prey.
The first and second session went by fast. This was my dreaded moment: BREAKTIME.
As I stepped out into the playground I caught a glimpse of a gang of boys, wildly laughing and pointing at me and Eddie. I tried my best to ignore them, however I did not succeed. Those boys were driving me nuts.
At first, I tried the polite way. I marched up to them, trying to look confident and brave, and told them that it was very impolite to point fingers. I regretted this straight away, for they grabbed my dirty collar and rapidly punched me in the nose. My vision went blurry, and my head hurt. I collapsed on the ground...

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