This story is about a poor young girl, Ellie, who gets bullied at school. She has only one friend, Eddie, as no one else likes her.


1. The nightmare begins

Dear diary,
Today was possibly the most unbelievable day in my life!
It all started when I woke up, feeling extremely nervous, for it was the first day in my new school. I desperately tried to convince myself that everything would be fine, however I didnt realise the dangers that lay ahead.
Finally, I forced myself to get up, my hair standing on its hinges. Reluctantly, I stumbled out into my parents' tiny kitchen, where mum was cooking her delicious sandwiches for breakfast. I ate as fast as possible, and, when I was done, rushed back into my room to get changed.
When, finally, I was done, I mumbled 'goodbye' to mum, and dashed into the open. I sprinted down the alley, where, as my mum announced, was my 'fascinating' new school.
That was when I saw a blondish boy, sitting, sad in the corner of the humongous building, whimpering quietly to himself.
Cautiously, I crept up to him, and gently tapped him on his quivering shoulder. He jerked up, with his face wearing a surprised look, eyes wide and tearful. I told him about myself, and we became friends.
His name was Eddie, and he was bullied at school for helping wimps. He said he lived on the same street as me, and he, too, had quite a poor family.

Suddenly the bell rang, and we made our way up the crooked steps. As we entered, I took notice of a black-haired boy, smirking in the dark. He disappeared in a flsh, for a mean-looking teacher stalked towards us...
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