Late Times

A Long Poetry Of Being Late For A Session.


1. Late For Work

Waking up from my oh so warm bed

Seeing the time hit me dead

Up-on the soft floor I walked across

Nothing there but I was lost

Inside my memory there I saw

Nothing but a open door.

As I opened it inside my mind

that bright it knocked me blind

As the shine disappeared 

In my eyes they felt weird

I trotted down the wooden stairs

There I saw some wooden chairs

Moved to the kitchen

My back was itching

Noticed the time and ran up stairs

Got on my clothes and there I went

Out the door and I was sent

Got in my car feeling down

I got a call from a angry sound

It was my boss I was blank

His voice was loud it was like he sank

blahing out his great ferociousness words

When I got there I was ready

He told me get in here you are in trouble

I listened to his long sentences

As it travelled through my ears

I got bored and bled out tears

This shall be a day you will never forget

Just remember it won't end yet!


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