My name's Elissa. Elissa Hollinrake. Most girls would kill to be popular, to be pretty and well known and adored by everyone in the year. I'm not one of them. But I am well known. Well known for being an easy target for bullies. Well known for having moved schools several times in the past four years. And well known for having a drug addict father and a mother with cancer. My calls for help always fall short, but this time, I'm telling my story to the world.


9. Sorry Guys.

Hi guys,

Sorry for no new writing. I've been away for a month.

Unfortunately, I've lost the flow for this book, so it might be a while before I start publishing chapters again. I'm currently working on other projects, have a sequel to write and a new idea that needs to be written down, so Invisible is in the minority.

Sorry again!

Shiv_Francis. =]

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