My name's Elissa. Elissa Hollinrake. Most girls would kill to be popular, to be pretty and well known and adored by everyone in the year. I'm not one of them. But I am well known. Well known for being an easy target for bullies. Well known for having moved schools several times in the past four years. And well known for having a drug addict father and a mother with cancer. My calls for help always fall short, but this time, I'm telling my story to the world.


3. Maths and English

Maths, is a good subject. It's a subject I enjoy. It's not so much what we learn, even though I love what we learn regardless, it's who's in my lesson. No Louisa, no Jason. Just me and my fellow maths boffs. Set 1 Maths is like heaven, bliss, paradise, because I can actually have a civilized conversation without any stupid comments, or pig noises in the background. My Maths lesson today was even better than usual, we were allowed to do team questions, so I teamed up with one of my only friends, Vanessa. We jump on any opportunity to team up, this way we have an excuse to gossip.

"Hey!" Ness exclaimed excitedly as she plopped down into the seat next to me.

"Hi, Ness. How was Art?" I asked, knowing full well that her Art lesson with be twenty times better than my History lesson.

"Great! Logan totally looked at me," she said.

A few things to learn about Ness: her mum's American, so she has a slight twang to her voice and uses words like 'totally' and 'awesome' more than any other normal person. She also is a victim of bullying, so we understand each other in depth. Ness is lucky though, her bullying has pretty much vanished in the past year. That was when she- how can I phrase this?- when she had 'words with' some of the girls that were bullying her. Basically, one day towards the end of last year, she was sick and tired of being picked on and had a bitch-fight in the Spar car park, which ended everything. People like Louisa are too scared of her now, and don't go near her if possible. I don't have it in me to do anything like that. It would give me mum a heart attack, and I don't want to lose her even sooner than expected.

For one glorious hour, I had peace. I was happy. Then it ended. Just like that. And Vanessa and I went our separate ways. I went on to English, and she went on to Business Studies. That left me to endure another hour of Hell.

English, isn't even worth talking about. One word. Jason. He's everywhere. He is now in my English class, having moved from his own lower set. And he is sitting next to me, because I sit on my own. Great!

"So, we meet again," he smiled, sitting next to me. I exhaled loudly. Why? Why me? "It wouldn't kill you to say 'hello', y'know."

"Why do you care?" I hissed, sinking lower in my chair.

"I'm just trying to be friendly. Common courtesy."

"Wow, that's such a big word," I mocked sourly.

"Just because my girlfriend's thick, doesn't mean I am too!" he retorted.

"Then why the Hell are you in all the bottom sets?" I asked. He was drawn aback at my comment. I sat there smugly, smiling to myself.

After an awkward silence, Jason spoke. "I will prove to you that I'm not thick."

"Don't bother, Jason. That's like trying to convince me that you and your mates wouldn't think twice about socking me."

"I would, Elissa. My friends might be complete arseholes, but I'm not." I looked at him, confused. How did he know my name? Why did he care? Wasn't he like everybody else in this cruel world? So many questions ran though my head, I didn't realize that Jason was speaking to me.

"Sorry, what?" I said.

"I said: don't judge a book by its cover."

"That's what happens to me, so I will do it to whoever I please."

"Elissa, what happened to you that made you so sour?"

"That is none of your freaking business you nosy sod!" I exploded. Jason was too scared to say anything else for the rest of the lesson. I didn't want to speak to him, so the silence worked just fine for me. I have never been happier for a lesson to end than then. I usually sit in suspense for the bell to go, but I was nearly tearing my hair out it was such an awful lesson.

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