The School Girl Who Faced The Bully!

This is a story about a School Girl called Kessy, She lives on a boat, Travelling everywhere with her mum Katie and her dad Bouncer. They do everything together, They go fishing on Sunday's and Aquarium on Saturday's. Read through Kessy's life at the school she goes too, When it comes to making friends, she is amazing at it. Some people called her the Friend magnet. Until a new kid joins the school, Everything changes for Kessy and her classmates...


2. The New Kid

We do feel bad for Mr Elelphanty. Since he did make some lovely triple chocolate cookies, well his grandma made them. It was his way of trying to connect with us. Ha fat chance, he was boring. His lessons were awful, showing his brown smooth hair to the class. I don't understand, why did he want to show us his hair?. He was a bit of a loony, taking his glasses off to proove he can see. It was a dare that Sasha told him to do, his face was horrified when he had realised that he failed. All my classmates went from good to bad while some went to worst. Watching him reverse his car was the funniest thing ever. His nose would sniffle as he brush's his hair while driving. On Tuesdays, he would come to school dressed like a elephant. Maybe that's how he got his name, for being a weird guy who has an elephant costume.

Trying to remove my daydreams as I sat at my desk. Mr Elelphanty was now out of my mind, thank goodness right?. Sasha had just drank some vodka behind her rusty old desk. Before Mr Andrew walked in to introduce himself again, why do they do that?. It never made sense to me, we already knew his name. Sasha's breathe was stronger than ever, my nose almost bled from the stench. Trying to block the smell of cheap booze coming from Sasha's breathe, I held my sleeve over my intoxicated nose. Looking behind me, I saw one of our classmates open a window. Wow so the smell is bad, I thought I was the only one who could smell it. Considering I had to sit next to her, she is my friend after all. Waiting patiently with my legs flat on the desk, forming an arch from my knees to my feet. 

Started getting bored after waiting ten minutes. Wondering when Mr Andrew will arrive, my mind started to get suspicious at this point. Sasha was almost drunk, watching her was a funny sight to see. Sadly it didn't last long, watching her collapse onto the solid dusty ground. Everyone laughed at her, she shown no emotions as blood clotted in her nose. Stopping everyone laughing was Mr Andrew who had just arrived. It's about time I thought to myself, wondering why he was late. His voice was like a sports commentator. Maybe that's why the boys liked him, since he liked sports. His clothes were stylish too, they looked like sports clothes. Maybe I am wrong, sometimes he wears shirts and casual clothes. Mr Andrew noticed Sasha on the floor, helping her up while sending her to get some tissue. Watching my drunken friend hit her head off the door frame, she proceeded to move to the toilets. Vomiting I would imagine...

Today he was wearing sports clothes, funny how he always wears them on Mondays. His trainers were the best, shiny with silver lines going around the heel. Wow the shock on everyone's faces, I remember when he first joined the school as a teacher. As soon as he walked inside the room, everyone got up to welcome him. I don't blame them, it's not everyday you see a unique teacher. Waiting anxiously was my other friend Kelly, she always flirts with boys during lessons. One time she flirted with a boy and she got a pie to the face. Hilarious right? hardly, that faithful day her mum died. The news was delivered last week, shocking isn't it?. Only living with her dad and sister which isn't so bad, she loves her dad. Her sister on the other hand is a grumpy grunt. Mr Andrew had just began to introduce himself, he was then interrupted by the office teacher. Looking at the office teacher, I could see something or someone behind her back.

Trying to rotate my eyes so I can see what's behind her. Instead of getting up from my desk and going to see what it was, I decided to listen to what Mrs Kelsa had to say.  "Hello there class, this is Ryan" pushing Ryan into the room without any doubt's. That's what happens when your a new kid, the teachers push you into the room. Ryan's hair was spiky with a brown colour mixture. The first thing he saw when he walked in was a small puddle of blood on the floor. His eyes rolled as he took off his black and red jacket. The jacket also had a hood on the back with a zip at the back. Back pockets maybe?, it was unusual to see someone with a zip on the back. Then after around two minutes it hit me, he was wearing it backwards. Another dumb person I first thought.

However this kid came with surprises, lot's and lot's of them. He smiled at Mr Andrew as he handed him his silver blackberry. Judging from the way he was dressed, I started having second thoughts about him. Turning my head to face Kelly she had already started flirting with him. Her make up was a fair amount which didn't make her one of those goody girls. Since she had the perfect amount of everything, she didn't look half bad. Facing Mr Andrew again who was at the front of the class with his hand on Ryan's shoulder. I took out my mirror as I quickly checked my teeth, checking if they were clean silently. 

Ryan walked down the middle of the wooden rusty desks. Placing his hand while sliding it onto each desk he walks past. Who does he think he is, the master dumb kid?. Second thoughts or not, he can't be that bad right?. Watching the palm of his hand touch my desk, looking at me with a cheeky grin on his face. His fingers went over my shoulder as his palm brushed against my long brown hair. Watching him walk past my other classmates as he kicked a innocent girl in the shin. I no longer liked the look of him, his attitude was too aggressive for anyone to like him. Who ever did like him is nuts, just like my friend Kelly.

Ryan could see that Kelly was flirting with him as he closed his tanned fists tightly. Mr Andrew started getting impatient with Ryan, he wasn't sitting down quick enough. Ryan turned around facing Mr Andrew as he smirked, rubbing his itchy eye. "Hay-fever?" Kelly asked with a powerful smell of perfume from her body. Ryan smiled at Kelly as he imprinted a kiss on her lips. Watching Kelly's cheeks go red, blushing for everyone to see. No one laughed for some odd reason, it's normally funny when someone's cheeks go red. Great just great judging from the faces around me, everyone looked scared of him. I couldn't really blame them since I was a bit scared too. 

Mr Andrew gave up with Ryan, calling the deputy to come to his classroom. Ryan smirked as he walked away from a blushed Kelly. Just looking at Kelly and Ryan you could tell they were boyfriend and girlfriend. It was too obvious, not to Ryan though he thought we knew nothing. The deputy came down to the room with his big hands around the corner of the door frame. "Who did you want me to take" asked the deputy with his deep loud voice. His voice sounded like he came from the army, maybe he was a commander?. Mr Andrew rolled his eyes as he then shouted, "Ryan is the boy who needs to go!" the deputy just sighed as he replied, "the new boy Andrew?". Mr Andrew sighed as he said "Yes!". The deputy asked Ryan to come with him to his office.

Ryan smirked as he grabbed his blackberry from Mr Andrews desk. "You can't have that" said Mr Andrew with a deep voice. The deputy just ignored Mr Andrew as he got Ryan to come with him. Ryan didn't just leave quietly, he slammed the door almost breaking the window from the force of his pulling strength. Everyone was shocked apart from Kelly as I sighed nervously. He was a really mean boy, aggressive to the max. His attitude brought many of my classmates to think he was a complete idiot. That's their opinion right?, having to know more about this kid I decided to think of going into the office and read his student folder. 

Breaking and entering right?. Yeah it will be very risky, I would be lucky if I manage to do this without teachers noticing.

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