The School Girl Who Faced The Bully!

This is a story about a School Girl called Kessy, She lives on a boat, Travelling everywhere with her mum Katie and her dad Bouncer. They do everything together, They go fishing on Sunday's and Aquarium on Saturday's. Read through Kessy's life at the school she goes too, When it comes to making friends, she is amazing at it. Some people called her the Friend magnet. Until a new kid joins the school, Everything changes for Kessy and her classmates...


7. The Mysterious Cross-Rage


Dashing using my left hand to feel for the door handle, I was in a rush after all. Mrs Penelope's voice had bounced off the walls while fading in volume. 'No she can't just fade like that!' trying to stay calm of what to do next. Cool refreshing air had circled me like a shark who hunts on the surface. Trying to hold the confidence of myself, never letting it go since if I did something could go wrong... 'It's so cold...' The door sled open from the cold breeze that brushed against my warm back. Around the corner to my surprise was the boy, he was standing there with a book in his left hand. 'What could he of done?, realising before it's too late that Mrs Penelope is calling help on her phone. I walk over trying to avoid class teachers, instead of going directly to him I watch him nearby.

"Take deep breathes son, you going to need to stay strong" Penelope had whispered  as I overheard her conversation. "I can't...', the boy had whispered back to her with a twinkle in his left eye. Getting a closer look from the smelly plant, the smell was unbearable as I held my nose silently. Trying not to sneeze I cover my nose with a rusty old peg. 'It was just sitting on the floor next to my feet', having the peg on my nose. The stench was now gone, well almost all gone. As I looked through the small hole that was in the leaves, I could feel dirt filtering in my shirt. The plant had a small sacred crack. No wonder the dirt was escaping into my shirt. Feeling the dirt fall down my back and enclose it's self in my belly button. 'Yuck!, go away you dirt!', trying to put up with the stench was impossible.

Remembering that I have to stay here to see what has happened to the boy. On the corner of my eye, I could see Mr Dancer walking down the hall with his old dusty book. Tracking him down would be easy, if I needed to I would... Focusing back on the boy's direction I could see Mrs Penelope calling an ambulance. 'Oh no what could of happened...', as I worry more my heart become to heavy to beat. All of my tears are storing inside of my heart adding weight to it. Heart broken is the way I felt including tears trapped in my heart. The stench had cleared since Mr Dancer had opened a window in the hall. Dashing silently to the boy's comfort with tears dripping down my eyes.

'I have to help him' slowing down as I get closer to him. I was now at his spot as I looked down with my dreary eyes, he was just sitting there panting at a ridiculous speed. 'I hope he can get up...' helping him onto his feet was no use. As soon as I had him standing he collapsed as more blood gushed out from the gash that was in his side. You could say that he was stabbed in his hip either that or he has fallen on something sharp. I already had a great idea on who the person was that stabbed him. It could only of been Ryan, since he started bullying him earlier. I could see his eyes slowly closing with a panicking face on him, he was fading slowly. As he faded his eyes, my heart had almost faded too. The heavy heart was no longer heavy it was as light as air. 'Sirens' I could hear them, they weren't as loud as usual but nevertheless they were sirens...

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