The School Girl Who Faced The Bully!

This is a story about a School Girl called Kessy, She lives on a boat, Travelling everywhere with her mum Katie and her dad Bouncer. They do everything together, They go fishing on Sunday's and Aquarium on Saturday's. Read through Kessy's life at the school she goes too, When it comes to making friends, she is amazing at it. Some people called her the Friend magnet. Until a new kid joins the school, Everything changes for Kessy and her classmates...


4. Ryan Returns...

Returning from the misty old office was Ryan, looking around while trying to avoid him. A key? I thought to myself knowing that there is a key somewhere in this room. The warm air from the radiator heated my body causing sweat to drip down my long beautiful hair. It drips from my head to my toes, feeling sweaty is horrible feeling especially when you have pressure on you at the same time. Looking at my radiated hands I could see that it was too warm in here. Approaching underneath the desk, I emerged into the darkness of behind the metal drawers. Hoping for a key to be behind the drawers, success as I pulled out a pair of mini silver keys with edged corners. Rubbing my sweaty finger down the edges, feeling it to make sure that it wasn't broken anywhere around the edges. Ryan had already been in the office to do some revision with a teacher for his bad behaviour from this morning. He deserved what ever came next, watching him talk outside the room I am in with Mrs Penelope. She wagged her sharp nails down the side of her paperwork, telling Ryan off at the same time. 

Ryan's face gazed at the window behind me, crouching down trying to avoid eye contact with him. He softly spoke to Mrs Penelope promising her he would try his best to be good. His a sly one he is, thinking to myself as I pulled the keys towards me. Twisting my long hair in a tedious motion, nerves started to annoy me as I flinched from touching the wall. What is wrong with me, thinking to myself trying to think of a reasonable explanation. My mind started thudding on my empty skull. Stop I insisted while telling myself to keep it together. Talking to myself was not helping me as my heart started thumping against my encased ribs. I started loosing it with myself, shouting at inanimate objects that were around me. Thank god no one heard me or I would be in serious trouble.

Ryan had just finished speaking to Mrs Penelope as I could hear no more voices. Walking away from a cheeky sly Ryan, Mrs Penelope left him next to the door with paperwork to finish. There is no escape from this trouble now since Ryan was blocking my exit. Sneakily moving towards the open window, I placed my right leg around the window frame. Leaping onto the edge of the window frame, almost slipping onto the hard ground beneath me. 

Finally I had now escaped the office. Knowing that i'm off the hook I smiled with glee. Hearing another voice directly around the corner of my vision. Where is it?, I heard as I tried to keep as quiet as possible. Another voice? this one sounded like a school boy yelping for help. Trying to move back to the room I slowly peeked around the corner, just as I thought. Ryan had some boy on the ground in pain begging for mercy. Listening to them I heard, "Ryan please I don't have the cash" I could then hear Ryan grunt with anger as he swiped the boys wallet. "What's this then? eh?" Trying to stay silent I then heard the boy cry for his wallet back, "that money is for my grandpa to get him a present for his birthday". I wanted to do something about it, to save the boy and win back his wallet. Before I stopped watching them, Ryan stole the wallet as he threw the boy on the ground with force. The boy fell as he hit the rusty metal radiator pipe. Ryan just walked off with a grin on his face as he laughed silently. Now that Ryan was gone I could go help the boy, so I did what I thought was right.

Approaching the boy with silver keys pressed in my palm. "You okay?" I asked with a horrified face on me, the boy's tears were leaking out of his sad eyes. The red pupils in his sore eyes, they looked bloodshot with bright red veins going down his eye. The boys brown short hair rubbed against my arm as I tried to help him up. Wondering why Ryan picked on him, I had enough courage to ask the boy. "Why did Ryan beat you up?" The boy just shrugged with hesitation wobbling his head. "Are you sure you don't know why?" I asked with a smile, the boy just shrugged covering his face with a old crisp packet. Poor kid I said to myself with sadness inside of me. After checking his head where he had hit the metal pipes. There was a tiny cut with blood oozing out slowly, I couldn't just leave him there.

Holding onto his arms as I pulled him up, he wobbled on his feet trying to keep his self steady using the wall for support. Mrs Penelope had just seen me helping him as she asked why we weren't in class. The boy was going to tell the truth about Ryan bullying him, covering his mouth with my left hand telling him to shush. I didn't have in me to let him grass on Ryan or he would be in more danger. After talking to Mrs Penelope in private while the unsteady kid wobbled towards the nurse. Mrs Penelope believed my fake story to get me and the kid out of trouble, feeling guilty for lieing I wanted to know more about the kid like his name.  

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