The School Girl Who Faced The Bully!

This is a story about a School Girl called Kessy, She lives on a boat, Travelling everywhere with her mum Katie and her dad Bouncer. They do everything together, They go fishing on Sunday's and Aquarium on Saturday's. Read through Kessy's life at the school she goes too, When it comes to making friends, she is amazing at it. Some people called her the Friend magnet. Until a new kid joins the school, Everything changes for Kessy and her classmates...


6. Relationships


Knowing that I have ruined the boys life, I decided to hide beneath the school. The old dusty basement was full of old clothes including old shoes and rusty rotten tables. Dusty blunt pencils leaning on the damp floor, old crumbled erasers stuck in cracks. Wrappers of candy melted into the soft old carpet. Feeling the ground for money since I was bored hiding here, the rough ground grazed my skin. "Ouch" I yelped trying to cover the graze with my right hand. The boy is in serious trouble thanks to my little white lie. Ryan is going to end up killing the boy, I tried to cover my emotions with a dusty old pillow. The drips of stinky water leaked onto my soft legs. "Yuck" I whispered as I hit my hand off the wall for flinching. 

At this point the boy would be in danger. I wanted to escape the hiding plan and move to plan b. Something inside of me wanted me to go after the boy. Romance! is a terrifying thing, especially when death is at your door. My heart had became an old ruin with ribs caging my broken down skin. The thoughts corrupting my mind to save the boy had become clear. I had to save him no matter what the consequences were. Slowly crouching up the solid slanted stairs. Rotten wood chunks rubbed against my hair as I ascended through the darkness. The door was now up ahead, not far I thought trying to stop my thoughts from breaking me. 

Leaving behind my perfect horrible hiding place. I decided to go save the boy from getting into massive trouble with Mrs Penelope and Ryan. It was clear now that death was knocking on our doors, looking around for open space. My eyes busted out a few tears as butterflies got worst in my stomach. The pain was unbearable as I collapsed on the ground near the nurses office. Falling down onto the solid dusty ground I head something click in my joints. Luckily for me, the nurse had heard me fall as I took deep breathes. The boy was behind the nurse staring at me while rubbing his sore eyes. I wanted to know his name and why he was crying. 

Questions that may never be answered in my life. It was all still a riddle a secret locked up riddle. The never ending answers that I had seeked to know. Looking up with my red veined eyes I saw the nurses face look shocked. "Ouch" I said as the boy lifted me on my feet from his strong muscles. My mind was elsewhere in the world of love, I must tell the teacher the truth. Before it's too late! dashing out of the boys heroic arms I stumbled against my painful feet. The pain got worst as I tried to find Mrs Penelope. Ryan had just re-entered the building. His hands were now closed into rock hard knuckles. Trying to see what was in his pocket from where I was standing was difficult.

More questions! they just kept flooding in my mind like no tomorrow. The thoughts of telling on him became narrower, I couldn't tell on him. Something was telling me not to tell on him, I never fully agreed with my mind. Maybe it was decency trying to keep me alive. Dignity could of been trying to revive me from this twisted universe. What ever Ryan had in his pocket I just walked away slowly landing on the soft rug. After sitting down for thirty minutes trying to recover from the current events. Mrs Penelope was shouting something, I heard it had to do with the boy, oh no what have I done... 

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