The School Girl Who Faced The Bully!

This is a story about a School Girl called Kessy, She lives on a boat, Travelling everywhere with her mum Katie and her dad Bouncer. They do everything together, They go fishing on Sunday's and Aquarium on Saturday's. Read through Kessy's life at the school she goes too, When it comes to making friends, she is amazing at it. Some people called her the Friend magnet. Until a new kid joins the school, Everything changes for Kessy and her classmates...


5. Learning More About The Boy

Dashing towards the nurse's room with a guilty conscience eating at me. "Wait!" I shouted with the breathe of warm air breathing into my face from the air resistance of me stopping. "Wait!" I shouted again as I had stopped forcing my heels on the ground to slow down. My heart was throbbing from the dash I had just made, out of breathe I decided to sit down. Before I sat down on the cold dirty floor I knocked using my edged knuckles. Having to wait for someone to answer the door, I heard two voices. The boy I shouted! as a smile blossomed from my lips. The other voice I had heard was the nurse. They must of heard me shout, answering the solid cracked door the nurse whispered. "Come in then what did you need?" as I heard the nurse speak the smell of strong mint came from her breathe. I sniffled as the mint got stronger and stronger. Looking up from where I am standing, I could see her light brown eyes staring at me. "Is there a boy in there?" I asked with no hesitation. She sighed as she slowly closed her tinted red lips, following her into the room. There I saw him, sitting on an old rusty chair. "Are you okay" I asked with my mind telling me something that I should know. 

Before letting him reply, my mind told me that he was cute. Whoa I thought to myself as I began to get butterflies in my stomach. Ouch I said as the boy smiled at me letting out a small giggle. I have a crush on him I thought in my mind, why do I love him?. Trying to clear my head I looked away from him trying to resist from turning back then facing him. He asked why my face was going red like a rose, I whispered. "It's not going red!" as I slammed the door behind me while mumbling in anger. I felt sorry for saying what I said to his lovely cute face, stop it! I must resist from seeing him. His name was still clueless to me, having to then go back to lesson in sadness. Ryan was not in the lesson, I started to wonder where he could of ran off to. I knew he was sly I said to myself as a cheeky grin appeared on my soft face. He must of left the building I thought while trying to find a logical explanation. Just when I thought that Ryan has gone, he wasn't as I saw him walk past me while nudging me sharply in my soft arm. 

Wanting to shout at him, I resisted from becoming furious. That would just make me sink deeper and deeper into Ryan's death trap. Why did he ditch the lesson, mind you who wouldn't. The opportunity to get him into trouble by telling the teacher had blown my mind. No! I shouted as my breathe filled the open cold corridor. I stepped closer towards Ryan trying to avoid him from seeing me again. This is risky and dangerous, however I was willing to risk it all. Ryan's solid as a rock knuckles clicked as he punched the exit's door with force. He really is dangerous as I could see the evidence he left in the hollow door. Why would he do something like that, he must of received bad news or something. Watching him storm out with a sulk on his face as he held the wallet in his left strong hand. Just then I remembered that I made a fake story to get me and the boy out of trouble, The consequences of my lie could ruin the whole relationship with the cute, No! I mean boy!...

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