The School Girl Who Faced The Bully!

This is a story about a School Girl called Kessy, She lives on a boat, Travelling everywhere with her mum Katie and her dad Bouncer. They do everything together, They go fishing on Sunday's and Aquarium on Saturday's. Read through Kessy's life at the school she goes too, When it comes to making friends, she is amazing at it. Some people called her the Friend magnet. Until a new kid joins the school, Everything changes for Kessy and her classmates...


3. Breaking And Entering

Since everyone was in class still, it was the perfect opportunity to break into the office. Feeling my silent surroundings as my left hand shakes. Looking around with my aqua blue eyes, struggling to hold a pencil in my hand from the thoughts of breaking in haunting me. Having second thoughts on my plan I raised my hand for Mr Andrew to see. He was still marking some of last weeks home work as he stared at me. My hard white teeth started chattering, feeling the cold air flow past my hair. Mr Andrew stared at me with his left eye brow raising to the left side. Why is he staring at me, then realising my hand was still in the air. 

I felt embarrassed as my cheeks began to blossom, feeling something run up my left arm. Mr Andrew could see that I was no longer listening to him, slamming his blue inked pen on the side of my desk. I had an urge to yell at him with loads of anger in my voice, some reason I never shouted at him. His eye just rotated focusing on my blank page inside my tattered maths book. Scrolling my eyes down and up trying to find the questions to write in my book. Mr Andrew shrugged as he asked me if I was paying attention. I sighed looking down at his cool looking trainers. Thinking of breaking in, I began to start my amazing plan. Placing my hand back down onto the rough surface of my desk. Watching my hair be blown behind me as it slowly moved left and right from the breeze.

Mr Andrew had a call on his phone, leaving me the perfect time to escape the room. Crouching down behind the table asking everyone to stay quiet about me leaving the lesson. This was a difficult situation, since I had to creep past the kind Mr Andrew. He isn't always kind, as I had just learned that he can be strict. The power from his voice just a minute ago was nerve-racking. Silently placing my left hand in front of me with my knees pressed against the solid dusty floor. Attempting to crawl out of the room wasn't going to be as easy as I had thought. Sneaking through my classmates legs is going to be a challenge. The smell coming from one of my classmates feet was burning my eyes.

His feet smelt of damp cheese that had become out of date. Judging from his shoe size, he looked like he must of had smelly socks. Creeping past him while trying to seal my nerves was difficult. Sliding through the blood that gushed out from Sasha's nose from this morning. My mind wanted to say something horrible from what I had just smelt and crawled in. My hands were now covered in dry blood, small sticky pieces of chewing gum stuck to my knees as I crawled towards the door. Shocked that Mr Andrew hadn't noticed me yet, I started having more hope of me escaping this dump. Kelly saw me as she winked at Mr Andrew, trying to signal him that I am out of my seat. The trouble with Kelly was that she always hated when someone else gets away with it. Bringing tearful memories back to her, since her younger brother was killed by a rapist that had gotten away with murder. Kelly still can't forget about this, since she really wants revenge on the guy that did it. Sadly for her there is no way of finding him.

Police spent years looking for the bloke, until they found a dead body back in august of 2011. Finally reaching the white painted door frame. I decided to pull my self out of the hell-hole we call a classroom. Mr Andrew almost saw me as he placed the phone down with a slam. I was relieved knowing that I had escaped successfully. Realising how easy and nerve-racking that was, I decided to rest behind the rough blue wall. The heat from the old rusty radiator was boiling my back. Trying to take the pain of burning so I wouldn't be caught was painful. The breathe coming from the air vents tickled my hollow elbow constantly. Stop I insisted as I hissed at the air vent, great now i'm talking to myself. Face palming my dry soft face, sighing silently in my mind. I had now reached the office, hearing voices near by. I hid behind the tall clean fish tank, hoping I wouldn't be spotted. Looking through the steamy glass of the fish tank, I could see that it was only Sasha speaking to her self.   

Sasha only speaks to herself when she is alone or if she is angry. There's the door I thought to myself, waiting patiently for Sasha to return to Mr Andrews lesson. Her nose had stop bleeding like river, it was now dry blood with alcohol on her jumper from the intoxicating vomit. Her breathe never changed either, since Sasha's desk is next to the air vent. I could smell the horrible vomit mixed with a vodka stench. Sniffing the plant saved me from that awful smell, it was my only air fresher really. Reaching for the door handle as I held my nose against my soft leather sleeve. Finally I had my left hand around the metal arched door handle. Pulling down the door handle with little strength, I had managed to push the door at the same time. I was shocked from the sight of that the door wasn't locked. Happy that I was inside the office, I moved towards the metal edged drawers. There was a small lock on the top of the drawers requiring some kind of key to open it.    

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