The first 30 pages of my screenplay for BLADE RUNNER II.


3. earthrise


It's the Earth.

Rising. In the great silence of space.

In the blackness. Radiant.


He presses his forehead to the porthole window.

There. Immense.

He can't grasp it.

He's sweating.

He wipes his face, sweaty.

It stinks in the shuttle.

People have brought goats, chickens.

There's the odor of shit from the w.c.


Three weeks. That's how long it takes for the shuttle to cross from Mars to Earth.

Three weeks of bedlam. Children screaming, weeping.

Three weeks in the crowded third class shuttle cabin, with just enough room to lie down on your mat.

Surrounded by reeking strangers.

Suffering. Heartbreak.


You can buy meals. Wrapped in plastic. Bottled water from the Mars ice caps.

Some people have brought their own food.

Yet the food always runs out too soon.

Which is why so many children are now wailing like the damned.


Ray opens his notebook. Blank pages.

He picks up his charcoal pencil. He shuts his eyes. He licks his parched lips.

Then, opening his eyes, he drops everything away and begins to sketch.

He sketches Ling Ahn, the Chinese girl.

Naked. Clothed. On horseback. Walking. Sleeping.

Never has he seen Ling naked. He just has to imagine it.

Turning page after page.


He sketches until his drawing hand is numb.

He shuts the book and puts it down.

He feels empty, now.

He can sleep. Try to sleep.

Maybe just for a few little hours.


Arrival on Earth, at the Los Angeles Space Hangar: in just two days.

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