In her shoes

We was best friends. we were like family. now it is ruined. i cant believe that something happened we didn't expect. i thought we was going best friends forever well i guessed wrong didn't i? i wish i could go back and change things well its too late now i can never go back i cant take my mistake disappear it will always be there. While she is in the glowing light of attention and popularity i am in the shadows of her secrets. While everyone thinks she's a gorgeous goddess me and my best friends know her true side she is a demon from hell and there is a reason why i am in her shadows this is because she makes my life a living hell some people may not care or maybe the don't notice or some people may think she is joking. Well i never thought me and her would never be enemy's.


10. The talk and the end

I walked down the deserted cold hall. i turned a corner and knocked on the blue door. I walked into a large room paintings on the white walls a big desk with a few chairs was set out in the middle of the room the head teacher was sat down in one and a angry looking Destiny was in another.

The head teacher then said 

"Ok girls i want to know what happened from the beginning."

Destiny told her side of the story what it was like for her. It was all fake, a load of rubbish. She poured out her fake emotions making the made up story sound so real. She was saying how i threatened her every day and the reasons why she attacked me was because i had threatened her and she broke down and just couldn't take it. But then i told my side of the story. It was the whole truth.The abuse she had given me over the year. All the memories went through my head. To me it was like a horror film repeating through my head over and over again. I told him  how i felt and how i felt i couldn't tell anyone because i would be in danger of even worse abuse. I told him about everything i have seen and heard. i said how had been treated. i told him about every single lesson. I said everything i couldn't help my self but it felt good to get it off my chest to someone who could help. He thought about it and he said

" i believe rose because that is what the others have said but from a different point of view so Destiny you have at least two days to pack up say good bye to someone we have phones your parent they are sending you to a school that is strict and wont allow the behavior you have been using at this school now good bye Rose and Destiny" 

A two days later i looked across the the hall Destiny and Lexis were sobbing into each others shoulders they looked up to in each overs eyes and cried out dramatically

"I am going to miss you  so much you are my best friend what am i going to do without you? I cant believe this is happening i am going to lose you. i am no longer going to have fun this is a disaster. i am going to be miserable for the rest of my life until i see you again."

They both saw me and gave me a dirty look. They shouted at me at the same time

"this is you fault that we are being separated!"

They stormed of in a cloud of rage there girls copied and gave me dirty looks. I had a ok day except Lexis and Destiny and there wanna be's gave me dirty looks and taunting comments about everything. But it was the best days in years. At the end of the day we all gathered outside the school one of the teachers said

"Destiny Elizabeth Stone is being transferred to  Sarah's all girl boarding school because of her awful and disgraceful behavior towards Rose Jasmine Hallows and her friends please say your good byes now to Destiny and then go back inside"

One by one people was saying bye Lexis and Destiny and the other girls had one last dramatic good bye. it was my turn and i said goodbye but then she whispered 

"i will come back for you i will find you and make your life so much more worse so watch your back you ugly cow."

She got in the car and the driver took her to her new school.  

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